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 01 September 2007
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Save Your Mobile Phone From Theft!
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Try Not To Use Phone Holsters

Many people like to use phone holsters attached to the belt and such. It is easy to see why, as it is very convenient to retrieve the phone for instant use and to keep it as well. But take note, using a holster has a few disadvantages.

First of all, it tells everyone around you (including thieves) that you have a mobile phone with you and where it is. It also prevents you from feeling the phone, and makes it easier for the thieves to steal your phone without you realizing it.

Most of these holsters have magnetic flaps that can open without any force and make no sound at all. Even though you keep the holster to the front, you won’t realize if it has been stolen since we usually look straight ahead, not downwards. You could solve this by constantly looking down, but don’t be alarmed if people (including your friends) start avoiding you.


Listen To Music

Although some of you may have ‘outgrown’ the hip ‘portable music listening’ trend, it may pay to continue using your mobile phone as a MP3 player. If the pick-pocket relieves you of your phone, you will immediately realize it by the sudden cessation of aural pleasure.

Using a wired headset would also discourage thieves as no one in the right mind will even think of trying to disconnect it from the phone just to steal it. They would rather find easier targets. Even if one is crazy enough to try it, using a proprietary headset like those from Sony Ericsson or Nokia will make it virtually impossible for the thief to make it off with your phone without literally lifting the headset from your ears, because of their tight connector.


Tight Pockets

Fashion aficionados always believe that people look better with clothes that accentuate their shapes. Is this good advice? Well, it can not only make you look better, but it’ll help you safeguard your phone too!

If you are like the majority of phone users out there, you’d be keeping your phone in your pants or jeans pocket. Jeans are the best anti-theft fashion wear there is, as they have very tight pockets on the front. This makes it very difficult for thieves to lift your phone out of your pocket. The tightness also makes it easy for you to feel the presence of the phone at all times. Finally, the thieves will have to make a very obvious ‘in-front-of-your-eyes’ attempt if they want to steal your phone.

If you are wearing pants or slacks, the front pockets usually have side openings that make it easier for thieves to slide the phone out of your pocket as these openings are usually out of your usual visual range. To make matters worse, many slacks are designed to have loose and big pockets. While spacious, these kind of pockets will allow a thief to slide the phone out of your pocket without you feeling a thing.

Try not to keep your phone in your back pockets as you won’t have a direct line-of-sight if anyone were to steal your phone. You also risk breaking your phone if you sit on it. If you are not sure where to keep your phone, follow this rule of thumb - if you find it hard to take out your phone, that's a good place to keep it.


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