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 30 July 2005
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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LITE-ON SOHW-1693S Dual Layer DVD±R Writer Pictorial Review
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LITE-ON SOHW-1693S Dual Layer DVD±R Writer

As far as DVD writers go, the LITE-ON SOHW-1693S seems to have everything anyone could ask for. Well, maybe it's missing the much-touted LightScribe technology. But for practical purposes, it will do everything your old DVD writer could do, just at a much faster speed.

In addition, it comes with the ability to burn dual-layer DVDs of both the +R as well as the -R formats. This is great if you can get hold of reasonably-priced dual-layer DVDs. Otherwise, it's as good as a toothless tiger. :)

Like all LITE-ON DVD writers, the SOHW-1693S supports LITE-ON's key technologies like SMART-BURN, SMART-X and VAS. SMART-BURN is LITE-ON's anti-buffer-underrun technology while SMART-X allows the drive to automatically determine the highest speed at which to read data off the CD or DVD. Finally, VAS reduces the amount of vibration and noise generated by the SOHW-1693S.

It's good to see that LITE-ON consistently provides their drives with a full accessories package. Not only do you get the usual analog audio cable and mounting screws, you also get a leading CD/DVD recording software like Nero Burning ROM as well as a VCD/DVD player in the form of PowerDVD. Too bad LITE-ON did not provide any blank media with this drive.

For more details, read our Pictorial Review !


• NA

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Pictorial Review


• SOHW-1693S



Transfer Modes Supported

• Ultra DMA Mode 4
• DMA Mode 2
• PIO Mode 4

Buffer Memory

• 2 MB

DVD+R Write Speed

• 16X (CAV)

DVD+R Dual Layer Write Speed

4X (CLV)

DVD+RW Rewrite Speed

8X (CLV)

DVD-R Write Speed

16X (CAV)

DVD-R Dual Layer Write Speed

• 4X (CLV)

DVD-RW Rewrite Speed

• 6X (CLV)

DVD-ROM Read Speed

• 16X (CAV)

CD-R Write Speed

48X (P-CAV)

CD-RW Rewrite Speed

• 24X (Z-CLV)

CD-ROM Read Speed

• 48X (CAV)

Access Time

• DVD : 160 ms
• CD : 160 ms

DVD Read Support

• DVD single/dual layer (PTP, OTP)
• DVD+R Dual Layer (8.5GB)
• DVD-R Dual Layer (8.5GB)

CD Read Support

• CD-R

Special Features

• SMART-BURN anti-buffer-underrun technology
• SMART-X read speed technology
• VAS anti-vibration and noise reduction technology

Installation Angles Supported

• Horizontal
• Vertical

Audio Line Output Level

• 0.85 ± 0.15 Vrms

Audio S/N Ratio

• 75 dB

Ambient Temperature

• 5 °C to 45 °C (Operating)
• -20 °C to 60 °C (Non-Operating)

Relative Humidity

• 15 % to 80 % (Operating)
• 15 % to 95 % (Non-Operating)

Power Requirements

• 12 V DC ± 5% and < 100 mVp-p ripple voltage
• 5 V DC ± 5% and < 200 mVp-p ripple voltage


• 70,000 Hours

Maximum Height

• 41.3 mm

Maximum Width

• 145 mm

Maximum Length

• 170 mm

Maximum Weight

• 900 g


• LITE-ON SOHW-1693S dual layer DVD writer
• Black replacement bezel
• Nero Burning ROM installation CD
• PowerDVD installation CD
• Quick installation guide
• Bezel installation guide
• Safety notice
• Audio cable
• Mounting screws


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