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 15 December 2002
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1COOLPC Video-1-120 Cooler Review
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1COOLPC is one of the oldest online PC cooling vendors around. If you are wondering why you've never heard of 1COOLPC before, it's because they recently changed their name from 3DfxCOOL to 1COOLPC. Here's a quote taken from the 1COOLPC site :-

You may have come here looking for our old company name but that is no more. In part, due to recent changes in the PC hardware market, namely the loss of a certain 3D video-chip/card maker, we have decided to change our name to 1COOLPC, the old name was causing some confusion. We are still the same great company with the same great service, products, warranties and prices, only the name has changed.

Their first product, was a graphic card cooler designed to cool the 'first real consumer' 3D card - the legendary 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics. The invention was simple but yet effective. It's based on the same concept as The Card Cooler although the 3Dfx Cooler uses a smaller 45mm sleeve-bearing fan on a thin metal stick. Don't forget that this cooler was released well before the larger version of the Card Cooler.

Since then, they have sold many other kinds of cooling devices like CPU coolers. And they usually modify the coolers by adding more fans, anodizing the heat sink with different colours, etc. to further improve the coolers. Even the cooler I'm reviewing today is a modification of a graphic card cooler by Global WIN.

Times have changed and now, the puny 45mm fan is no longer powerful enough to cool present day graphics cards anymore. So, I e-mailed Bart A. Lane, the owner and operator of 1COOLPC asking if he could send me their 'baddest' video card cooler to me for a review. Just 30 minutes after I sent that e-mail, he replied and agreed!

After 8 days, a nice package from 1COOLPC arrived. In just 8 days? From US to Malaysia? I was impressed! The last time I bought some cooling stuff from another vendor, it took 14-15 days for the package to arrive via the same shipping method - USPS. USPS is the cheapest shipping method and is reliable. So, you don't have to worry about ultra high shipping costs that would entail if they ship by UPS or FedEx.

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