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This page is dedicated to all the wonderful messages you have sent our way. We loved them and we thank you for writing in to us. Each and every one of them represents the reason why we keep this site going through these troubled times - you, our wonderful visitors! Thank you! We love ya! :)


ARP In General

Source / Author

This site's proprietor, Adrian Wong, named it after a dish from his native Malaysia--rojak's a little bit of everything mixed together. And while the site does indeed include a number of different sections, including those for news, discussions, and driver downloads, its forte is system optimization and hardware reviews.

The Speed Demonz section provides comprehensive, step-by-step guides to optimizing performance for BIOSes, caches, swapfiles, and more. The BIOS optimization guide, for example, consists of four sections (BIOS features, chipset features, integrated peripherals, and PNP/PCI) that offer clear, systematic directions for setting preferences.

And the site's hardware reviews--for motherboards, cards, drives, and the like--while few in number, are thorough in the extreme. Motherboard reviews, for example, cover everything from the number of IDE channels to the position of fan headers, and graphics card reviews comprise a boatload of benchmark tests, including WinBench, 3D WinBench, 3Dmark and ancillary tests for video performance, quality, buffers, resolution, and more.

I'm sure you get this every day but let me express my sincere thanks for the info provided @ Rojak Pot. Unbelievable.

You've actually made the esoteric world of BIOS, memory, and other PC optimisations easy to understand and achieve. One thing I have been unable to acheive on my uni student budget (yeah, I love shareware!) is obtain a defragmenting utility like Norton or nuts and bolts to move the permanent swap-file to the outer partition of my HDD.

Cydonian Scribe

Your web site is absolutely Great!! It has been extremely helpful to me. Your articles are in plain language and easy to understand. The information is concise and well written. I have searched all over the web for much of the info that is on your site. This is info that every overclocker and system builder needs. Thank you very much for a wealth of information and a great web site. You are doing a good job and providing a good service.

Tracy Sweny

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for creating and maintaining Adrian's Rojak Pot.

This site is one of the few sites that still offer free step by step walkthroughs on computer software and especially the BIOS. It seems nobody cares to much about the BIOS anymore because the OS takes care of just about everything....

I personally see this as a problem, and I was overjoyed of finding your site, it really helped me a lot.


Good to see that there is still a place left on the Net that makes perfect sense.

Robert Boyle

Just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed reading the articles on your site. If you can keep the quality up to the standard you have now, you will have done a lot of us a wonderful favor. Good luck and thanks for your hard work.


I visited Rojak Pot a long time back when I was looking for articles on overclocking AMD’s Duron processor. I was amazed at what I saw when I followed a link from to your site.

Your new look is very streamline and easy to navigate. Colors flow well as well. In all, a great looking site. Great job!

Alvin Ng

Your site makes the key difference for all levels of computational prowess. Learning *nix? Check. BIOS question? check. Have a POST issue? check. Thanks for your large investment of time and effort. I'll send $50 to your cause ASAP, not because I think you deserve it (you deserve syndication and plenty more zero's behind that number..), but because it's all I can muster for donative purposes at this time. Either way, you are to be commended for your perseverance and success!

Thanks again, my Brother-in-Arms :)

Gerson Ricardo
Network Engineer
Gables Engineering, Inc.


The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide

Source / Author

I send customers to your BIOS guide all the time, have posted links to it on our BBS and use it quite frequently myself. I was disappointed when you were down for a bit and was relieved to see it come back online! :)

You know, I couldn't count the amount of times I've referred people to your BIOS Guide ... it's very informative, and saves me the time of explaining why people should disable Video BIOS Shadowing, why Fast Writes isn't such a big deal for today's games, and much more.

Just wanted to say thanks for saving me time, and also helping me out (I learned a lot from it too!) Keep up the most excellent work.

...this isnt so much a Knowledge base but a labour of love. Not only has this guide had a place in both Titch's and My favorites for many years but I'm really excited to see it still going after many many years.

Well Done Adrian, Keep up the excellent work.

If you've never seen this guide, you're really missing out on understanding what those cryptic BIOS setting do!

I'd just like to say thanks for doing the BIOS guide for everyone out there. Personally, it's saved me a whole wack of time when people ask me "What the hell do you mean by AGP Driving Value". Instead of explaining myself everytime, I can simply rack up your bandwidth requirements! ;)

Adrian Wong of Adrian's Rojak Pot has been building up his BIOS guide since late 1999. Today, he hit version 6.0, and the guide is now comprehensive in its scope. It comes highly recommended from me due to the fact that BIOS optimizations can yield positive results in performance and compatibility for everyone. Adrian also goes into far greater detail than even your best motherboard manual and even debunks some "myths" that some manufacturers still propagate.

This is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly guides I have found to date. I was able to do various tweaks with my mem/cpu that increased my overall system performance by about 15%.

Many of the BIOS tweaks will depend on your mobo and whether certain options are even available in your BIOS menu. However I do recommend that even ppl that aren't familiar with working with the BIOS give it a go with this guide... Really helps to answer all your questions.

Some bookmarks occupy space in my Favorites folder just in case I need such a resource in the future, but others are frequent visits. I can easily see this one being a resource to which I refer often. This site contains very good explanations of the numerous configuration options you see in the BIOS.

...this truly is a link you'll want to keep around. This one is already sync'ed to my iPaq!

If you are a tinkerer or, just looking to speed up your MoBo performance, run, don't walk to the [BIOS Optimization Guide].

This is the most comprehensive BIOS Guide available. Just about every option in a modern BIOS is explained. The best performance setting is usually pointed out, and the explanations are easy to follow. A must for any overclocker wanna be.

I just wanted to say that your bios guide is looking great. Keep up the good work! I, myself, have referred to it a few times when I didn't know what something was.

I'd like to congratulate the author of the BIOS Optimization Guide. This is absolutely marvellous. I was looking specifically for advanced information on the AGP Aperture Size setting and you guys have got TEN paragraphs on it.

Intranet and Internet Web Designer,
Microsoft Support Services

Thank you for your site on bios settings...

Like many others I have no idea on what settings to use for some of the more "tech" items in bios's and your site helped immensely.

You obviously put a lot of work into research and preparing your information and this is greatly appreciated by me and i'm sure many others.

Again, thank you, I will recommend your site to others with settings problems.

I wish you all the success of the future.

Brian Williams

I have been using your BOG for almost 2 years as a reference.

I always seem to get my system's about 90% tweaked then go to your guide for the last few bios option references. Thanks for maintaining a killer resource.


I spent a good deal of time reading about the various bios settings. Good writeups--tons better than the stuff in the ABIT "manual." Thanks for taking the time.

Howard Gardner

I agree that Adrian's BIOS guide kicks much ass. It helped me systematically tune my BIOS to attain (what I believe to be) absolute maximum performance from of my board. His conclusions are very logically argued--a particularly good example is his stuff on swapfile optimization.


The crisis is over folks... the new Athlon 1.2 is now sssmokin'! Turns out the Bios was the key. After looking through Adrian Wong's EXCELLENT "Bios Optimization" available at it turns out my CAS latency setting was wrong. I think everyone should have a copy of this document - you may think your Athlon is fast now... but it could be alot faster. My benchmarks had it outperforming a P4 after the bios tweak.

Adrian L.,
LiquidLight CGI

Your BIOS Guide is enough to make an old man cry (me). It's even better than Ice Cream, almost. I have been looking for a guide like this for a long time, because the BIOS settings really confuse me. Thank You for doing all that work for the lazy and dumb folk (me).

Ray (VR Barnes)

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate all the research you've done, especially on BIOS settings. Been a great help to me. I've been reading your stuff for about three years since the old dark blue (I believe) site.

Greg Smith,
Detroit, MI

I have just spotted your site and since the subject of BIOS setup is quite interesting to me. I'm mounting some computers at home. :-) I read through and simply felt the urge to congratulate you on such a great guide. You answered all my questions and my computer works better too so I really couldn't hope for more!

All I can say is that every motherboard should have your guide with it, so that also less experienced users could toggle around with the BIOS, make their own settings and learn something new... and of course, keep up the good work!!

Sam Vinko

I can't tell you how many people I've linked to your BIOS guide! Definitely one of the most informative bits I've found for computer optimization in a long time. Keep up the good work!

Jeremy Jordan

A Techie who has no time to do in-depth research... really appreciates your site.

Lee Maris,
Kadena AFB, Japan

Great BIOS guide. Lots of excellent information. Would you pease put me on a list, if you have one, to receive notice of the publishing of your guide. I would be happy to purchase one from your publisher.


I'm a professional recording musician, and I've found many helpful hints in your site. I wonder why is it that the #&*$%**!! motherboard manufactures never include complete guides for their BIOS. Keep up the good work.

Eduardo Valdes

Thanx! It's definitely the best BIOS guide online ;)


Thank you very much for the incredible wealth of information regarding the BIOS. I am just learning and it makes it so much easier to receive information that has foundation to it rather than just someone's opinion.

Peter Burrin

I’ve registered in your forums as forumid. Your BOG is by far the best resource I’ve found on the Internet regarding BIOS options; the subscription was totally worth it!

Joe Hon

I just wanted to let you know that the bios information on your site was extremely helpful to me. It has speed up my computer and has made it more stable. And it was free information too. I guess the best things in life are for free. I was directed to your site from Tech TV. So once again thank you so much!

BTW, don't put too much faith in THG, there are better sites out there. For your BIOS tweaking, there is only one place to go, and that's here: That is THE best BIOS guide there is, anywhere, it can't be beat, although it's often imitated. :D




Definitive Swapfile Optimization Guide

Source / Author

I've been to many tweak sites and there are as many that give bad/conflicting advice as good. I've never seen such a thorough discussion of swap files on the Internet as on your site (or anywhere else for that matter). It rates a WOW! Thanks and keep up the good work!


You really should add another email address like "compliments". I cannot remember reading so a comprehensive and well written article on a technical subject in a long time. It helped me substantially and I shall now check out the rest of the site.

Tom Perry,

This is great information. Thanks. With your guidance, I have finally set both values set to 150 "MB" (an arbitrary value), and I'm delighted. I can't wait to restart my computer. I have 6.5 GB remaining on my 13 GB hard drive. Back to reading your article, to see how to further massage the swap file.

Neil J. Nitzberg



Definitive Maxtor Silent Store Guide

Source / Author

GREAT GUIDE! I'm surprised something like this actually exists.


Great article! Thanks!

Tim C



Compression Comparison Guide

Source / Author

Great job... I found the article to be quite informative. Makes you wonder why we're all still using ZIP when it seems like SBC is the way to fly these days. Or RAR, even.


Nice work, interesting read and you even found / tested a few formats I didn't know about :)




Definitive Review of the Crucial PC2700 DDR SDRAM DIMM

Source / Author

Well, based on Adrian's review (and the excellent price of the memory), I went ahead and ordered two 256MB sticks.


Great review. Thought you might be interested to know I just got a pair of those (256MB DDR333) in the mail...


Thanks for your effort. I read your article and I will buy this mem.




Definitive Review of the ABIT NF7-S Rev. 1.0 nForce2 Motherboard

Source / Author

Want to thank you for this detailed review. I ordered this board after reading your article.


That review was so good I had to register just to comment. Nice job!! I want buy an NF7-S even more now.

That review was exactly what I was looking for. Nice and detailed with coverage of the components the board is made from. So few articles cover the placement of caps and MOSFET values. ThanX again!




Cooler Master ASC-V73 Aero 7 CPU Cooler Review

Source / Author

Having seen plenty of these reviews of the Coolermaster Aero 7 CPU cooler, this one is about the best I have read!



Cooler Master HAC-V81 @ X-Dream CPU Cooler Review

Source / Author

Ok, just finished reading the review, I like it and I am convinced, I am going to buy this, thanks for the review :)



Definitive Review of the 64MB ACE CompactFlash Memory Card

Source / Author

Adrian Wong has written what is easily the most comprehensive look I've ever seen at something as boring as a CompactFlash card. :-) But he does it with such attention to detail that you can't help but learn more about CF cards, benchmarks of CF vs. RAM, and other juicy info for the hardcore among us. I'm scratching my head at the benchmarks that show writing to a CF card is faster than writing to system RAM. There's something odd about that...oh, wait, he explains it in his review.Go read it to find out why!



Toshiba Satellite M30 Notebook Review

Source / Author

If you’d like to have a more in-depth look at the strengths and shortcomings of the M30, you could have a look at the extended review of the machine conducted by Adrian Wong at Adrian’s Rojakpot. Better known for his excellent BIOS Optimization Guide Adrian’s occasional product reviews are comprehensive and easy to read, so you’re in luck. He’s been especially critical of the slow, 4,200 rpm hard drive included in the system, and that may explain some of the performance issues which have been noted by others.

Best review of laptops I have ever seen, have to applaude your site, not even looking at M30, looking at A75-S209, however, your site has taught me what to look at and look for , thnxxxxx.




Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide

Source / Author

I bought a Dell Dimension 8300 last year that had a Radeon 9800 Pro card. Had no problems with the computer until I decided to install a second hard drive. When I tried to open the case I found that the sophisticated catch on the Dimension was jammed solid and nothing but a crow bar was going to let me in.

Luckily I had 3 years next business day call out. However, Dell advised me that they do not come out for broken cases and I had to send the machine in. That was never going to happen as I paid for NBD service. To my surprise they offered to replace the machine with a new one. This I gratefully accepted. However, they no longer made the Dimension 8300 and so I would have to accept a Dimension 8400. Sounded good. They promised me the same specifications or higher.

When I received an e-mail with the details of the 8400 everything looked good but I wasn't sure about the graphics card. They were supplying me with a Radeon X300 SE as an alternative to my Radeon 9800 Pro. I decided to find out if this was a fair swap but the Radeon site less than helpful. Your site provided me with the evidence that I needed. I'm no expert but your comparison tables are clear and informative. Although the X300 SE is a PCI Express card it fell short in all aspects with the 9800 Pro.

I telephoned Dell to ask them to change it to the X800 SE as this was the only other option offered on their web site. After speaking to her supervisor, I was told that the X300 SE was better than the 9800 Pro. I told them that I had seen otherwise and they said "where have you seen this then" with sarcasm in their voice. I directed them to your site and faced with the facts they had no option but to changed my graphics card to the X800 SE.

Thanks for helping me out and hopefully Dell will now use your site as a reference guide to aid their limited knowledge.

Mark Carveth

Hi Adrian, We like this series so much, that it has been frozen in the forums. This way as the guide is updated, our people will always know where to look for the best comparison around.

JRW_Assassin @



Virtual Memory Optimization Guide

Source / Author

Adrian has gotten off the Rojak Pot long enough to crank out part two of his popular Virtual Memory Optimization Guide. As with all Rojak Pot guides, there is some very good information here.

After reading your VM guide I went out and bought your BIOS book (your guides make excellent advertisements for your book just by their quality). I have one more quick question for the VM gurus!




Rio Forge 256MB Sport MP3 Player Review

Source / Author

I've been wanting to buy an MP3 player for a while now, but knew nothing about them. Whenever one would go on sale at Best Buy or Circuit City I would look up the model on the internet and read reviews about the product.

The reviews are what would make me decide whether or not to purchase the product. When Best Buy put their Rio Forge Sport 256 MB MP3 player on sale, I googled a search for a review. This led me to your website. Let me just say Thank You for the best review I've ever read. I'm not that computer terminology savvy, but your simple descriptions, explanations, and pictures were easy to understand, even for someone like me. The review for this product was very favorable and I am heading out to Best Buy tomorrow to finally purchase my very first MP3 player. Keep up the good work. Thanks!




Radeon 9800 SE to Radeon 9800 Pro Mod Guide

Source / Author

After reading your well laid out and easy-to-understand guide, I must say thanks for helping me to overclock my Rage 9800 SE 256 card. You have really cheered me up. Brill job! Keep up the good work.


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