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 23 September 2004
 Ken Ng
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McDonald's Tiki Hut Nemo Happy Meal Toy Review
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The McDonald's Corporation certainly needs little introduction. Possibly the most recognized brand in the world, this fast food retail giant serves 47 million customers daily in 119 countries. While serving something for every member of the family, McDonald's seem to hold a special place in its target marketing for kids (and the young-at-heart). The existence of the well-known , with its bundled free collectible, is proof of this.

A tasty meal and an irresistable toy! For the hardcore geek, it may be likened to getting a free super-overclockable processor with your kick-ass motherboard!

Ahh... So, being a true geek, I choose only to buy a Happy Meal® everytime I visit McDonald's in hopes that ABIT or ASUS learn from the ultra-high sales of Happy Meals and begin bundling useful and cool stuff with their merchandise, not some useless software from Planet Zoo-Koo that does nothing at all!

Today, I'll be taking the opportunity to show you guys why Happy Meals® are worth every penny. After which, all geeks shall unite and purchase Happy Meals® and compel ABIT, ASUS and other mainboard manufacturers to bundle free stuff with their motherboards - including a Pentium 4EE!

We're going to take a comprehensive look at one of McDonald's offerings with their Happy Meal: Tiki Hut Nemo, which has been idling on my shelf for the past 3 months. (Hey, gotta make use of it somehow, right? It's the only 'hardware' I bought lately.)


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