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 02 November 2015
 Technology Report
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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AMD Radeon Software Crimson Editon Technology Report
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AMD Radeon Software Crimson Editon Technology Report

On the 2nd of November, 2015, AMD announced the replacement of the AMD Catalyst driver with a new "mini graphics operation system" they call the AMD Radeon Software. The first version will be called Radeon Software : Crimson Edition.

The AMD Radeon Software Crimson Editon Technology Report

Now, let's hear it from Team AMD on the new Radeon Software Crimson Edition, and find out why they are replacing the AMD Catalyst drivers with it, and what it brings to the table...

AMD PRO 6th Generation A-Series CPU Tech Report

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AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Announcement

This is a video presentation of Raja Koduri and Terry Makedon from AMD's Radeon Technologies Group unveiling their software strategy and details of the Radeon Software Crimson Edition.

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Radeon Software Crimson Edition Revealed (by AMD)

About six weeks ago, we announced the formation of a new organisation within AMD that has a laser focus on the vertical integration of all things graphics. The Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) encompasses a team that is able to capture all the major inflection points in the visualisation and gaming industries like DirectX 12 and Virtual Reality – and is led by graphics industry veteran and architect, Raja Koduri.

The AMD Radeon Software Crimson Editon Technology Report

This team is tasked with propeling the industry forward by driving performance/Watt with new GPUs, creating innovative new technologies, and making sure the software that supports GPUs is world class. We are thrilled to announce that the first output from the Radeon Technologies Group is a re-imagined software strategy. As the primary way that people interact with our products, our software deserves to be viewed as a top priority among our roadmaps, and going forward that’s exactly what we’re doing.

The AMD Radeon Software Crimson Editon Technology Report

We are putting great focus on software. We have been delivering graphics drivers for the past 20+ years, and during this time the graphics driver evolved way beyond the graphics device driver. It’s more than just a driver. It’s a whole range of software, and we know how important the software experience is to gamers, game developers, professionals, and others who use our products every day.

The AMD Radeon Software Crimson Editon Technology Report

Now we have user interfaces, libraries, tools, applications, packaged as what we call drivers. These called drivers have evolved into mini graphics operating system. With the formation of Radeon Technology group, we have decided to call this mini graphics operating system simply “Radeon Software”.

The AMD Radeon Software Crimson Editon Technology Report

This means we will be retiring AMD Catalyst. This marks the end of an era, and the beginning of a new age of immersive computing where we will be surrounded by billions of brilliant pixels that enhance our daily lives in ways we have yet to fully comprehend. The new era starts on November 2nd when we will introduce Radeon Software: Crimson Edition.

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Radeon Software : Crimson Edition
Technology Report


Introduction & Video Presentation
Radeon Software : Crimson Edition Revealed


What's New In Radeon Software : Crimson Edition
Radeon Software Screens In Detail (Part 1)


Radeon Software Screens In Detail (Part 2)


Radeon Software Screens In Detail (Part 3)

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