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 03 March 2005
 Brian Chong (goldfries)
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Prince Of Persia : Warrior Within Review
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The Prince of Persia returns with an all-new adventure in a race against time to save his life.

In this new episode, called Prince of Persia : Warrior Within (POP:WW), the prince is now on the run from the Dahaka, a creature whose sole purpose it to put an end to whosoever releases the Sands of Time’.

In this episode, the prince embarks on a journey to the island where the Maharaja found the Sands of Time. The prince’s goal in this episode is to locate the rumored portals and use it to travel back in time to stop the Sands of Time from being created.



POP:WW has a noticeably darker atmosphere. The prince also looks more worn and battle-hardened.

Upon starting the game, you will be treated to an introductory clip showing a vision the prince had. In that vision, he was on the run, trying to escape the Dahaka. The scene ends at the point of confrontation and brings you to the beginning of this journey, on a sailing ship where the crew is ambushed by hostiles.

One of the most notable things about this game is the surreal environment which is rendered in meticulous detail to reflect both the past and present.

For example, as the prince travels back and forth in time, the places he's been through are the same, with small but noticeable differences.

For instance, in the past, a hallway may have been well-lit and everything in working condition. But switching to the present, that hallway is in ruins, with some sections blocked while others left open as a result of decay.

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