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 23 August 2011
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Ducky DK9008G2 Cherry MX Brown Keyboard
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Mechanical Keyboards

A typical conversation about mechanical keyboards would go like this :

Me : Would you spend US$120 (RM 360) on a keyboard?

Incredulous Friend : WHAT? Are you INSANE???

Yes, most users would not spend more than US$30 (RM 90) on a keyboard. What I'm going to cover in this review may or may not change your mind, but I will show you why people like me are willing to spend so much for a keyboard.

I have been using Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. While it is a great keyboard for heavy usage, the rubber dome keys do not last very long. I have been changing many keyboards for the past few years because the rubber hardens over time (and use). So it's time again to get a replacement!

Almost all the keyboards available in the shops these days are based on the dome switch technology. They are very cheap to build, but they don't last very long. As a result, mechanical switches are making a comeback! Even Razor, Steelseries and Thermaltake are pushing out mechanical keyboards these days. So it is not a completely niche market for enthusiasts.


Ducky Channel

They primarily manufacture keyboards based on the Cherry MX series of mechanical key switches, offering the lower-end 1000-series and the higher-end 9000-series. Both series have Tenkeyless (without numpad), 104-key, and 108-key models. Ducky is one of the few manufacturers that offer keyboards with a complete range of Cherry MX black, blue, brown and recently, red switches. Some models even have mixed key switches on the same keyboard!


Cherry MX Switches

Cherry Corporation of Germany is the manufacturer of the Cherry MX switches found in keyboards like the Ducky DK9008G2. While many people associate mechanical keyboards with IBM Model M's buckling-spring keyswitches, Cherry MX series have many different key switches for different "tastes".


Audible Click

Tactile Feedback
















They actually differentiate the switches by colour - blue, black, brown, red and white (clear). On the right is a summary of the various Cherry MX colours and their different characteristics.

The clicky sound is one of the primary attributes of a mechanical keyboard. Some may like it, while others may not. I belong to the latter group. Clicky switches are fun to press at first, but it can get very annoying over time, especially to people around you! The Razor Black Widow keyboard is the only widely available model in Malaysia that feature clicky Cherry MX Blue switches, and they are quite affordable.

Thankfully, the other key switches from Cherry Corp do not have an audible click. The Cherry MX Brown switch is one of the most popular switches because it is quieter than the MX Blue switch, while still offering tactile feedback. It is the best compromise between typists and gamers. The MX Clear switch has the same characteristics - the only difference being a slightly higher actuation force, or in layman term, the MX Clear switches are a tad stiffer.

MX Black and MX Red switches are both linear (non-tactile), and have no audible click. Steelseries 6G and 7G, which are both available at retail stores in Malaysia, use MX Black switches. They are also known as the 'gamers' keyboards as these switches are excellent for multi-tapping. However, because they have no tactile feedback, most typists will not like the feel.


What Makes Mechanical Keyboards So Appealing?

That's the first question my other half asked me when I wanted to buy this keyboard. After all, it is easily 4 times more expensive than a decent dome switch keyboard from Microsoft or Logitech.

Well, the built quality is actually a couple of notches better, despite the "generic" look of the keyboard. It has a greater heft (weight) than any dome switch keyboard because of the metal plate inside, which makes it very sturdy and almost impossible to flex. The Cherry MX key switches are also rated to last 50 million keystrokes, so you can count on a really long service life!

Some might complain about the cheap plastic casing, but that's just the outside. It certainly doesn't affect the feel of actually typing on the keyboard. Thanks to the Cherry MX Brown key switches used in this keyboard, it is a very nice keyboard to type on.

Of course, if you are a hardcore fanatic, you will probably be looking for different key caps. There are tons of key caps for Cherry MX key switches in the market. Some even have custom prints! So this keyboard also offers a lot of modding potential.


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Mechanical Keyboards
Ducky Channel
Cherry MX Switches
What Makes Them So Appealing?


The Ducky DK9008G2 Keyboard
Packaging & Contents


Installing The Ducky DK9008G2
The Ducky DK9008G2 In Action
Modding Possibilities



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