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 31 August 2004
 Geodesic Information Systems
 Jason Wong
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Mundu Interoperable Messenger Review
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Using Mundu

Once you have everything configured, click on the Login button and Mundu will automatically dial your default connection (wireless, serial, etc.) and upon a successful connection, attempt to connect you to the desired IM servers. If you are already online, it will attempt to connect to the IM services immediately.

Once done, you'll see all your online chat buddies with icons to denote which buddy belongs to which IM service.

Note : Names in these pictures have been deliberately blurred for privacy reasons.

As you can see, Mundu has a very nice 320 x 320 interface. It is high resolution but it does not fully take advantage of High Res+ 320 x 480 screens found in newer CLIÉ and PalmOne handhelds.

In High-Res+ devices like the Sony CLIÉs TH55 and NX80V as well as the PalmOne Tungsten T3, the virtual grafitti pad will slide up to take up the lower quarter of the screen not used by Mundu.

This is a pity because the interface itself looks promising and a full screen display could make a difference when it comes to the end user's decision on a purchase.

From the main screen, you can easily select whoever you want to chat with. The screen is split into two sections if you log into two IM services. If not, you will only see the main screen.

Double click the buddy you wish to chat and the main chat screen will appear.

Type in your message and click 'Send'. Your message will appear in the chat window and your buddy's message will appear there as well. I tested this and the message was sent instantly. Messages sent from the PC will also appear on the device instantly or with minimal delay. So, you are definitely getting your messages instantly, just like with desktop IM programs!

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