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 01 September 2007
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Save Your Mobile Phone From Theft!
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A mobile phone is no longer a luxury item for most people today. In fact, it is a necessity for many. Someone once said to me, ‘You may take my life, but not my phone!’ Many of us have become very reliant on our mobile phones. Some of us don’t even have land-line phones anymore!

While some of us have our phones insured, it is still a hassle to lose our mobile phone. Just think about it. Losing your phone does not merely mean losing the phone itself. You also lose all your precious contact numbers and any other data you keep in it, like text messages and notes. There's also the matter of confidential data and private photos. If there's one thing we can learn from Paris Hilton, it is this.

There is, of course, the cost and inconvenience of buying a replacement phone and getting a new SIM card from your mobile service provider. All in all, it's a real bummer to lose your phone, even if you are rich enough to afford a new mobile phone every day. So, today, we are going to take a look at how you can minimize the risk of having your mobile phone stolen.



The first thing to keep in mind is that thieves are all around us and they will strike if we slack and don't pay attention. It doesn't matter whether you are using a new, state-of-the-art phone or an old and obsolete model. You will still be a target. The fact of the matter is, as long as they can sell your phone for a pack of cigarettes, they will steal it.

In crowded places, always be conscious of your surroundings. Make sure you can feel what you have in your pockets, but do not keep checking your pocket for the phone. Besides, there's only so many times you can check. The thief only needs a few seconds to lift it off you. So, the idea is to make sure your phone is secure from the start, instead of checking on it all the time.

Be aware of your surroundings and any changes around you, like a suspicious person nearby. If you feel that something is wrong, take out your mobile phone and hold it in your hand, or keep it in a safe place like your briefcase or bag.

Women who carry handbags and keep their phones in there with their wallet or purse is definitely doing the right thing. Although their bags can be snatched, the handbag is still a safer place than your pockets for a mobile phone. Perhaps men should consider carrying a handbag like women? Nahhhh.. Moving on!


Don't Be A Show Off

When you are sitting down having your coffee at Starbucks, it may seem stylish to take out your spanking new mobile phone and place it on the table to tell the world you are loaded and desperate for a date. Or maybe it's uncomfortable to sit with the phone in your pocket. Well, try to live with it. It’s not going to kill you if you don’t take it out, right? Placing the phone on the table is a clear invitation to the thieves - STEAL ME!

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