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 01 April 2007
 C. Lee Yu
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ED#38 : NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS' Killer Bug
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The NVIDIA Lawyer Filter

Sorry but you will have to take this mini-test to make sure you are NOT an NVIDIA lawyer. Don't worry, it's a simple test which will exclude lawyers by nature. After all, we all know that lawyers know nothing about whatever they are talking about.

This is how it works. The answer to every question will give you a number. Use the word in the order obtained to obtain the correct URL which will lead you to the hidden page. For example, if the number is 0938, then the correct URL would be

Simple, isn't it? But we bet that the lawyers will never get past it.


The Questions

  1. If you need to ask questions about any of our articles or even tech problems that you may have, where would you go to?

    a) The Tech ARP Forums -> 0
    b) The NVIDIA Forums -> 1
    c) The ATI Customer Care Portal -> 2
    d) The Intel Resource Centers -> 3
    e) Contact AMD Tech Support -> 4
  2. If you want to learn more about BIOS settings and how to optimize them, what's the authoritative guide on it?
    a) The Christmas 2006 Gaming PC Buying Guide -> 0
    b) The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide -> 1
    c) The Multi-Monitor Tips & Tricks Guide -> 2
    d) The Virtual Memory Optimization Guide -> 3
    e) The Used Lens Buying Guide -> 4
  3. If you want to compare specifications of desktop graphics cards, which guide would you consult?
    a) The Desktop Graphics Card Comparison Guide -> 0
    b) The Mobile GPU Comparison Guide -> 1
    c) The Workstation Graphics Card Comparison Guide -> 2
    d) The Desktop CPU Comparison Guide -> 3
    e) The Workstation & Server CPU Comparison Guide -> 4
  4. Where do you get special offers and discounts on tech products on Tech ARP?
    a) "You Can't Do It Without One Or The Other" Contest -> 0
    b) The January '07 Memory Giveaway Contest -> 1
    c) The February '07 Memory Giveaway Contest -> 2
    d) Installing Windows Vista For N00bs Guide -> 3
    e) Tech ARP Money Savers Section -> 4

There, it isn't that difficult, is it? Just replace the xxxx in the with the numbers you obtained in the correct order and follow that link! Have fun!

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