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 29 November 2007
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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The October '07 Samsung-Tech ARP Bloggers TT Program Rev. 4.0
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Samsung-Tech ARP Bloggers TT Details


Public Contest Details


The First TT Session


What The Bloggers Said


The Second TT Session

The First TT Session

The Samsung-Tech ARP Bloggers TT Session started off great at Fasta Pasta last Saturday. The bloggers all came early and so we were able to start the event half an hour earlier than scheduled. Thanks for being so punctual, guys!

As promised, the bloggers were each given a Samsung SGH-L760 mobile phone kit to bring home. To top it off, they have the privilege of being the first and currently the only users of this mobile phone in Malaysia. Even Tech ARP was not given these rare, pre-release mobile phone kits.

Samsung's L760 expert Lawrence then gave a talk on the new L760 mobile phone and showed the bloggers how they can use the L760 to blog-on-the-go. The Samsung L760 certainly seemed to struck a chord with the bloggers because Lawrence was beseiged with questions on various aspects of the mobile blogging feature.

Let's take a look at some pictures from the TT session!

Setting up shop outside Fasta Pasta. Check out the goodie bags!

Lawrence giving the bloggers the lowdown on the Samsung SGH-L760 mobile phone.

AprilCherrie, jennihsurf & Rames snapping a shot off with the Samsung SGH-L760

Adrian & Baby Angel

Adrian giving the low-down on the contest

Trying out the phone!

Shaz grilling Lawrence

A very happy blogger (Baby Angel)!

Relaxing after lunch at Fasta Pasta


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