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 10 November 2007
 Mobile Devices
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Samsung SGH-F500 Ultra Video Mobile Phone Review
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About Samsung

Samsung is a Korean consumer electronics manufacturer with a wide range of products from televisions and home-theatre systems to home appliances and computer-related products. They also have a mobile phone division. BusinessWeek currently ranks Samsung as the world's no. 1 company in consumer electronics.

Apart from being very aggressive in marketing their products, Samsung is also renowned for their design-centric approach in their products. They do not only focus on making quality products that work well and last long, but also make sure they look very contemporary and stylish.

When it comes to mobile phones, Samsung is now the world's second-largest mobile phone company, right behind Nokia. Coming into this position is not easy, as long-standing mobile phone giant Motorola has been hogging the No. 2 spot for a long time. It is quite a feat for Samsung, a relative newcomer, to overtake them so soon.


Video On The Go!

Like the ability to make calls on the go, the ability to bring and watch videos on the go has always been something that many people have dreamed of. Like the mobile phone which is now not only a reality but also a necessity for many, mobile video is now a reality.

Imagine downloading movie trailers to your mobile phone to share with your friends, or storing a full-length movie into your phone’s memory card to keep you occupied during a long flight? Perhaps you would just like to store some funny video clips downloaded from the Internet, and play them back when you are bored or feeling down.

Many of us have been there and done that, including myself. But most of the time, it's so difficult to transfer the movie or video files to the mobile phone that the feature becomes a real turn-off. It doesn't get any easier when you have to know which video compression format your phone can support. Otherwise, you will have to learn how to convert your videos into a format readily supported by your mobile phone.

This is where the new Samsung SGH-F500 Ultra Video mobile phone comes in. Samsung engineers had taken all those issues into consideration when they designed this phone. Their objectives? To save you, the user from the hassle of making and watching videos on the mobile phone. After all, watching videos should be entertaining, not frustrating.

Today, we will be taking an in-depth look at the new Samsung SGH-F500 and see if this is "the phone" to get if you want a complete mobile video entertainment solution.

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