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 12 August 2003
 Mobile Devices
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HTC Tanager Smartphone Review
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The HTC Tanager Smartphone

The Tanager is the second Smartphone from HTC running the Microsoft Smartphone user interface. The actual operating system is actually Microsoft's Windows CE 3.0. That's why I don't like calling the Smartphone interface the operating system.

As HTC is actually just an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). They don't sell the phone directly but through mobile operators like :-

      • Orange (UK)
      • Smart (Philippines)
      • Qtek (Hong Kong? Australia?)

You cannot actually get one here in Malaysia since no one has brought it in yet. I only got this Smartphone through a certain contact who did not need the phone himself. And I'm so thankful for it! :)

But there is hope in the form of O2, a telecommunications company whose presence in Malaysia is still a puzzle to me. After all, they don't sell mobile services here but rather just the Pocket PC Phone Edition device known as the O2 XDA.

However, it was rumored that they were going to release a MS Smartphone-based device in Malaysia soon. So, I registered with them to get notified about any developments. A few days ago, I got this in the mail :-

Dear Customer,

Thank you for registering at We would like to update you that we will not be launching the O2 smartphone with the Microsoft Smartphone 2002 operating system. Instead we will be launching the Smartphone 2003 version around the fourth quarter of this year. Thank you for your continuous support.

O2 Devices and Applications Team

So, we won't be seeing the Smartphone from O2 anytime soon. But if what they wrote is true, we should see them offering a Smartphone 2003-powered device instead. So, it might actually be better for us in the end!

Before we start the review, one thing must be made clear. My phone came in a white box directly from HTC so I did not get any manuals. Therefore, my review is based on features that I discovered while using the phone and also from what I read on the Net.

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