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 15 June 2015
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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240 GB HyperX Savage SSD Review
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HyperX Solid State Drives

In 2002, Kingston Technology split off their high-performance product division and gave it the HyperX brand. The division started developing high speed DDR memory with a focus on overclocking.

Ten years later, they started branching out into flash memory, starting with the Predator USB drive and eventually moving into solid state drives. Today, they boast four SSD families in increasing price and performance points :

  • HyperX Fury - high performance at a low price

  • HyperX 3K - extreme performance

  • HyperX Savage - extreme performance with higher capacities

  • Predator - PCIe SSDs for ultimate performance

Today, we are going to review the 240 GB member of the HyperX Savage SSD family, which boasts the following features :

Performance - Incredible speeds for enhanced productivity

Unique design - Stunning red casing to give an edge to the latest PC hardware

Slim - 7mm thickness to fit in most desktops and notebooks

Fast and easy migration - All-in-one kit available with premium HyperX accessories, including a handy multi-kit screwdriver and USB 3.0 enclosure for easy installation

Guaranteed - Three-year warranty and free technical support

The 240 GB HyperX Savage SSD is really the second smallest drive in the family, but arguably the model offering the best value for your money :



Read Speed

Write Speed






960 GB

520-560 MB/s

490-530 MB/s

681 TB
(0.66 DWPD)

6 Gb/s

256 MB

3 Years


480 GB

500-530 MB/s

416 TB
(0.81 DWPD)


240 GB

510-530 MB/s

306 TB
(1.19 DWPD)


120 GB

350-360 MB/s

113 TB
(0.89 DWPD)

Let's check it out in detail!

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240 GB HyperX Savage SSD


• SHSS37A/240G

Form Factor

• 2.5"


• SATA 3.0 (6 Gb/s)
• Backward compatible with SATA 2.0 (3 Gb/s)

Storage Capacity

• 256 GB (Total)
• 240 GB (Effective)


• 16 GB (6.25%)


• Phison PS3110-S10

Compressible Data Transfer Rate

• 560 MB/s (read)
• 530 MB/s (write)

Incompressible Data Transfer Rate

• 520 MB/s (read)
• 510 MB/s (write)

Random 4K Read/Write

• up to 100,000 IOPS (read, maximum)
• up to 93,000 IOPS (read, average)
• up to 89,000 IOPS (write, maximum)
• up to 89,000 IOPS (write, average)

PCMARK Vantage HDD Suite Score

• 84,000

PCMARK 8 Storage Bandwidth

• 223 MB/s

PCMARK 8 Storage Score

• 4,940

Anvil Total Score (Incompressible)

• 4,700

Power Consumption

• 0.39 W (idle)
• 0.5 W (average)
• 1.4 W (read, maximum)
• 4.35 W (write, maximum)

Ambient Temperature

• 0 °C to 70 °C (Operating)
• -40 °C to 85 °C (Non-Operating)

Maximum Vibration

• 2.17 G @ 7-800 Hz (Oprating)
• 20 G @ 10-2,000 Hz (Non-Operating)

Life Expectancy

• 1 million hours MTBF


• 306 TB
• 1.19 DWPD (Diskful Writes Per Day) for 5 years


• 100 mm long
• 69.9 mm wide
• 7.0 mm high


• 96 g


• 3 Years Limited Warranty

Lowest Price

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The 240 GB HyperX Savage SSD comes in two packaging - a stand-alone drive package, and an upgrade bundle kit. We received the upgrade bundle kit for this review, which includes a 2.5" USB 3.0 enclosure and a multi-bit screwdriver.

The upgrade bundle kit comes in a very nice retail box. When you open it up, you will find the HyperX Savage SSD sitting in a thick foam mould. Removing the HyperX Savage SSD reveals the 7mm to 9.5mm adaptor or spacer, with the 3.5" bracket hidden underneath the top foam layer.

At the bottom of the box are the 2.5" USB 3.0 enclosure and the multi-bit screwdriver. Once you take everything out, you should find the following items :

  • one HyperX Savage SSD
  • one 2.5" USB 3.0 enclosure
  • one 3.5" bracket
  • one 7mm to 9.5mm adaptor / spacer
  • one multi-bit screwdriver
  • one SATA cable
  • one USB 3.0 cable
  • two sets of screws
  • one Getting Started guide
  • one licence key for Acronis True Image
  • one HyperX sticker
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240 GB HyperX Savage SSD Review


Introduction, Specifications, Packaging


The 240 GB HyperX Savage SSD
Phison PS3110 SSD Controller
Toshiba A19 NAND Flash Memory
Nanya DDR3L SDRAM Buffer


USB 3.0 Enclosure, Bracket & Spacer
Other Accessories & Documents


Testing The 240 GB HyperX Savage
Usable Capacity, Max. Temperature


Transfer Rate Range & Profile
WinBench 99 Test Results


IO Meter Test Results


IOPS Scaling (Random Access)


IOPS Scaling (Sequential Access)


AS SSD Benchmark Results


ATTO Disk Benchmark Results


Conclusion, Lowest Price, Award

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