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 31 March 2005
 C. Lee Yu
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ATI X800 Pro Ultra 2X April Fool Joke
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Write up : C. Lee Yu - 90%
Benchmarking : C. Lee Yu - 50%... still testing, boss
Pre-editing : Dash - done (up to what's done so far)
Charts : Dash - done! (when u get more benchmark results, let me know)
Pictures : only some done. the rest of the pics are not good enuf. u need a tripod, macro lens and better lighting, man! :)
Editing : Adrian - I'm waiting for you guys. Just let me know when the results and text are done.

Note : u guys checked with ati when is the exact date and time to release this review?



Ever since NVIDIA launched their SLi Technololgy a while back, ATI has been under pressure by the market as they had no previous answer to NVIDIA. But now, ATI has what they call the "Dual Punch Strategy" to take on NVIDIA. It consists of two parts, code-named Sugar Ray and Rocky.

They have created ATI MVP (Multi Visual Processing) which is essentially a dual card solution for both PCI-Express as well as an AGP and PCI solution. Yes, ATI will be debuting a first - the ability to SLI an AGP with a PCI card! This is ATI's first punch and understandably called Sugar Ray.

Rocky refers to ATI's dual VPU cards. Today we will be taking a look at ATI's dual VPU solution which has been christened the ATI X800 Pro Ultra 2X. Designed as a native PCIe card, it will also be available as an AGP card, albeit using a bridge chip. (should we wait for the pci sli card from ati? or review the sli separately???) Before that let's have a look at the company background of ATI. (pls clean up grammar and punctuation- gotta run!!)


ATI Technologies Inc

ATI Technologies Inc was founded in 1985. They're based in Ontario, Canada and they are one of the world leaders in graphics for computers, cellphones, TVs, and game consoles.

ATI consists of two main business which is the PC Business and the Consumer business. Apart from ATI's headquarters in Markham, Ontario, they also have offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. ATI has research and development facilities in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Ontario and Pennsylvania and manufactures its products in Canada and Taiwan.

With that done, now let's get on to the beast!



The ATI X800 Pro Ultra 2X came in the standard ATI red box with the monster on its box.

Shot of the Box (pls crop it better zen)

The box is pretty attractive but is pretty much the same with most of the other boxes that ATI packs their cards in. On the top right corner, it shows AGP 8X/4X. On the top left, it shows the amount of RAM which is an awesome 512MB.

Upon opening the box up, we see that the card was very well packaged and protected.

Inside the box (do something about the blur)

The X800 Pro Ultra X2 has been packed snugly and held secure by folded cardboard taps. By utilizing the cardboard, it keeps the packing costs down. The packing is sufficient enough to handle most handling problems (unless USPS sends it .)

Now that we've covered the packaging, let's have a looksie at the bundle.



ATI didn't relaly didn't give too much for their bundle.

Bundle (too blur!!, pls retake the pic)

The following were included in with the box:

  • 2x Y splitter powercable
  • DVI to VGA adapter
  • Instructions manual
  • Driver disk

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