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 16 November 2005
 OCZ Technology
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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OCZ Rally Dual Channel USB Flash Drives Review Rev. 2.0
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OCZ Technology is one of the few manufacturers that pops into the mind when we are looking for high-performance memory for gaming machines. However, we are not going to be talking about their DRAM products today.

OCZ Technology recently branched out into the flash memory market. Their first flash memory product is the new OCZ Rally series of USB flash drives.

The OCZ Rally series currently consists of three models based on their capacity of 512MB, 1GB and 2GB. They also have slightly different speed characteristics.

Today, we take a look at not one, not two but all three models of the OCZ Rally series of USB flash drives! Let's check them out!


The Package

The OCZ Rally drives came in see-through retail packages. Great for retail display but also super-tough to open!


The archetypical retail package, it allows you to see everything that comes with the drive. Peek at the back and you will see a lanyard and a USB extension cable.


Now, let's take a look inside one of them...



The contents of all three Rally packages are the same, so we will just look at one. Inside each package, you should find the following items :

  • OCZ Rally dual-channel USB flash drive
  • One USB extension cable
  • One lanyard
  • One key ring

The package does not come with any floppy disk or CD containing USB drivers or utilities since most users will not need them. But if you are using Windows 98, you can get the USB driver here. In addition, OCZ provides a USB format utility for those who requires one. Please note that you can format USB drives directly in Windows.


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