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 26 August 2005
 Cooler Master
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Cooler Master Praetorian PAC-T01 Tower Chassis Review
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Cooler Master Praetorian (PAC-T01) Tower Chassis

This case was an absolute dream to use. It has superb features and Cooler Master seemed to have thought of almost everything anybody would want in a case.

The Praetorian comes with superb build quality, quality parts, adequate cooling and a lovely brushed aluminum look. It features a slide-out motherboard tray, the ability to install the PSU from the back of the case, thumbscrews inside and outside, and quiet fans. Installation was a breeze and it certainly scores very high in aesthetics!

However, there is still some things that Cooler Master needs to look into. First of all, I really think they should have included thumbscrews for the PSU bracket as well. It's a small gripe but if they truly wish to claim a tool-less installation, the PSU should come with thumbscrews.

I also feel that there should be two 80mm exhaust fans at the back of the case. The single exhaust fan just doesn't cut it. The top blow hole didn't really feel like it was capable of blowing much hot air out of the case.

In addition, while all edges within the case have been deburred, they are still quite rough. While not to the point of being able to cut through skin, they are rough enough to shave a layer off your fingernails. So, Cooler Master should look into further smoothening those parts.

Finally, we should not forget the absence of rail guides for the 5.25" drive bays. They are really quite indispensable. I have no idea why Cooler Master neglected to include them in this case.

Apart from those issues, I really, really love this case. It is the best case I've owned so far. It is packed with features and easy to use. It is no slacker in the looks department either. Who could possibly complain about brushed aluminium?

Cooler Master has paid a lot of attention to detail. In fact, they went so far as to make the front bezel buttons out of aluminium as well as use steel nuts to reinforce screw holes! Therefore, we are happy to award this case with our Reviewer's Choice Award! Congratulations, Cooler Master!

For more details, read our Comprehensive Review!


• NA

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Comprehensive Review




497 mm long
196 mm wide
452 mm high


• 6.3 kg


• Aluminium Alloy

Form Factor


Power Supply Form Factor

• PS/2

Expansion Slots


Drive Bays

5.25" bays x 4 (Exposed)
3.5" bays x 2 (Exposed)
3.5" bays x 4 (Hidden)


• Dual 80 mm x 25 mm Front Fan (Included)
• One 80 mm x 25 mm Top Fan (Included)
• One 80 mm x 25 mm Rear Fan (Included)

I/O Ports

• USB 2.0 connector x 2
• Microphone x 1
• Earphone jack x 1
• IEEE 1394 connector x 1


• Cooler Master Praetorian PAC-T01 Tower Chassis
• Installation manual
• Screw set
• Case badge


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