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 05 September 2009
 Vjeran Mandic
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NVIDIA GeForce To Quadro Soft-Mod Guide Rev. 4.1
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Step 2 : Soft-Mod It Into A Quadro!

If your GeForce graphics card has been verified to have a Quadro equivalent, you should proceed to download and install RivaTuner. When you run RivaTuner, you will see the Main screen (picture below). In the Target adapter section, click on the little icon next to the Customize... option.

A series of icons will appear. Select the first icon (Low-level system settings). This will open up a new window called "Low-level system tweaks". Click on the NVStrap tab (first picture below). In the PCI DeviceID settings section, select custom from the list of Graphics adapter identification options (second picture below).

Next, check the Use ROM straps for PCI DeviceID programming option (third picture above). This allows you to select the specific NVIDIA Quadro card you want to emulate. In this case, I chose the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600. After you have selected the NVIDIA Quadro graphics card you want to emulate with your GeForce card, click on the Apply or OK buttons. Then reboot your PC for the change to take effect.


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Some Caveats


Step 1 : Identify & Verify Your GPU


Step 2 : Soft-Mod It Into A Quadro!


Step 3 : Install The Quadro Driver & Verify
That's It!


What Works?


How Much Performance Increase Can You Expect?


More Performance Results!


Even More Performance Results!


New Performance Results!


Latest Performance Results!
Performance Compared To A True Quadro

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