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 22 August 2003
 Andy Wong
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Warcraft III : Frozen Throne
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Warcraft III : Frozen Throne


Blizzard did a great job of the main menu screen. Very cool!

Three of the new neutral heroes! They can be recruited from any tavern.

I wonder who Illidan will face this time... Hmm...

Playing the Frozen Throne campaign lets you reign over the Nagas!

Last year, Blizzard Entertainment launched the long-awaited Warcraft III. As expected, it swept across the market like a whirlwind. And now, after almost a year of waiting, the much-anticipated expansion pack is finally here. Gamers, behold Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne!

Due to the astounding success of Warcraft III a year ago, the new expansion pack had a lot to live up to. However, Blizzard appears to have created another winner! When Warcraft III was released, it brought RTS (Real Time Strategy) gaming into another level. The Reign of Chaos was a giant leap in the Warcraft series, adding a whole new level of gameplay such as individual heroes, superb storyline, breathtaking cut-scenes and a great musical score.

Frozen Throne evidently built upon those strengths by adding new heroes and units to each race as well as new magic and skills. There are even new neutral heroes up for hire in this expansion pack!

The story picks up right after the defeat of the Burning Legion at the hands of the Night Elves. The demon hunter, Illidan, who was cast away returns in this expansion!

At the opening cut scene, it shows Illidan summoning his new marine allies known as the Nagas from beneath the sea. These Nagas will be one of the main races in this expansion pack as they are involved in almost all of the campaigns. However, you can only use this race in campaigns. They are not available in scenario maps. :(

Now, let's take a look at the new heroes!

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