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 16 January 2014
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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ED#162 : U Mobile Announces New Surprises For The New Year!
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ED#162 : U Mobile Announces New Surprises For The New Year!

Kuala Lumpur, 16th January 2014 - Team ARP was a guest of U Mobile at their "New Year, New Surprises" event at The Bee, Publika today. At the event, Jasmine Lee, U Mobile's Director of Marketing revealed their new postpaid and prepaid plans for the new year, hence the tagline - "New Year, New Surprises". So what new surprises did Jasmine reveal? Let's check it out...

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PS. For pictures on the event (and the food!), please click here!


The New Postpaid Plans

U Mobile is introducing two new postpaid plans - the Unlimited 50 (UM50) and the Unlimited 80 (UM80). They are called the Unlimited plans because they offer unlimited free calls to all U Mobile numbers. They explicitly pointed out that there is no need to register any particular number with them, and there are no limits whatsoever. As long as you call a U Mobile number on an Unlimited plan, it's free.

U Mobile New 2014 Postpaid Plans

On top of that, they are introducing a Internet & Call Sharing feature to the new Unlimited plans. This is how it works :

  • Unlimited plan users are allowed to request for up to two additional SIM cards.
  • These SIM cards will cost RM 10 per month, and will share the same data plan.
  • These SIM cards actually have their own U Mobile number, and can be used to make calls or send SMS or MMS.

In other words, these are really supplementary SIM cards that run off the main account. This is a very attractive proposition since other telcos do not allow the sharing of data even though they allow the sharing of calls in family plans.

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New Low International Roaming Rates

U Mobile also announced that they will be offering the cheapest unlimited Internet roaming service in the Malaysian market. If you are in selected Asian countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, you can surf the Internet at a maximum rate of RM 30 per day. This offer applies to all U Mobile postpaid plans, not just the newly launched Unlimited plans.

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Refreshed Prepaid Plans

U Mobile has also refreshed their prepaid plans. U Mobile prepaid users will get to enjoy free calls to any U Mobile number as well as Internet access after every top-up. In addition, U Mobile is doubling the credit validity so you can get to enjoy their service at a much lower cost. Check out the updated prepaid plans below.

U Mobile New 2014 Prepaid Plans


Enhanced Mobile Internet Plan

U Mobile has also enhanced their existing Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) plans for the UMI 28 and UMI 38 variants. The enhanced UMI 28 and UMI 38 will boast 1 GB of high speed Internet quota plus free calls (50 minutes for UMI 28 and 150 minutes for UMI 38) and 30 free SMS.

Note that after the quota runs out, you won't be charged for the excess bandwidth used (hence, the Unlimited moniker) but your speed will be throttled down to 64 kbps.

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U Card Loyalty Programme

U Mobile also touted their U Card loyalty programme. The U Card membership lasts a lifetime and only requires a single activation when you sign up to any U Mobile plan. Users can then start collecting points based on their usage, which can be redeemed for prizes, discounts and benefits.

New U Mobile customers will find their U Card in the new SIM Pack. Existing U Mobile customers who do not own a U Card can request for one to be mailed to them via the U Mobile website.

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