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 29 September 2003
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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ED#20 : Conversations With A Plagiarizer
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ED#20 : Conversations With A Plagiarizer

Ever since the BIOS Optimization Guide became popular, I have been in a perpetual fight. Not to keep the site afloat or to use it to make my million dollars. But for my rights as the author.

For years, the BIOS Optimization Guide has been plagiarized by many individuals and sites from different countries and in different languages. Even today, the BOG is still being plagiarized. On the average, we investigate anywhere from three to five cases of possible plagiarism a month! Many thanks to all of you who kept us informed!

You will be surprised at the individuals and websites that plagiarized the BIOS Optimization Guide. Although the majority are new sites trying to churn out articles the easy way (by copying or modifying other sites' works), some are actually rather respectable sites. And believe it or not, some big multinational companies have also plagiarized the BOG! It really goes to show that just about anyone is capable of plagiarism.

When we find someone who plagiarized our guide, we usually request that they immediately remove it and write us an explanation. We try to offer an easy way out for these individuals and sites, even though I strongly abhor plagiarism. Most sites quickly own up and remove their plagiarized guides without much fuss. Of course, there are always those parting shots that go more or less like this - "Your guide sucks anyway! We will write our own which will be a gazillion times better than yours!". Heh, okay....

However, we do get some oddballs. Some insist they wrote the entire BIOS Optimization Guide, word for word. There was even one guy who went around declaring himself to be the real author of the BIOS Optimization Guide. He actually gave several sites the "right" to publish the guide!


Plagiarism Today

This month has been a pretty busy month for us, as far as plagiarizers go. I caught another site (yet to be launched) who ripped off the BIOS Optimization Guide for their FAQs. They even called it a priority project. I'm touched.

But when asked to remove the plagiarized material, they simply edited it down. They then asked me to check their watered-down guides and edit out the remaining plagiarized parts. No apologies, no explanation. Like it was my job to edit their plagiarized materials for them!

I also had an incredible conversation of sorts with this guy who ripped the entire BIOS Optimization Guide, apparently for quite a long time now. There was even a reference in a forum where someone actually said that his guide was more thorough than the BOG (even though they were exactly the same!).

Come, let's see the conversation I had with Jacob, the webmaster of



Conversation With A Plagiarizer

It all started after I received an e-mail from a BOG reader,
who alerted me to the plagiarized copies on the site.
After checking them out, I found them to be exact copies of the BOG.
I then wrote to the webmaster of :-
Adrian Wong

I was just informed that one of your guides have plagiarized materials from our BIOS Optimization Guide. In fact, the entire thing was copied entirely from our guide.

As you can see, it's a direct copy.

Please remove all plagiarized materials.

Hope to hear from you regarding this matter ASAP.

Thank you.

Four days later...


How did you find that out? And why is that a problem?

Adrian Wong Hello Jacob,

Actually, someone did a search of a BIOS option and found your site. Since he is a user of our BIOS Optimization Guide, he immediately informed me of the plagiarized material on your site.

You should be aware that we do not allow any other site to post our articles. It has been clearly stated in the introduction page of the BIOS Optimization Guide (the guide you plagiarized from) -

Therefore, please remove those materials from your site.

Thank you.

Another four days later...
Jacob Hmm...
I gave him another four days to remove them.
However, he failed to remove the files so I wrote him another e-mail.
Adrian Wong Hmm? That's all you can say?

I just checked your site. The files are still there. And I translated what you posted in the BIOS page :-

That paper is provisional offline when i am known that paraphrase whole the code s the fit order into a sepperat stylesheet.

Please remove all of them IMMEDIATELY.

Thank you.

Two days later...
Jacob The files is NOT there, so take a chill-pill jackass!
Of course, I still had to double-check his site but finally, he really removed the files.
Well, he can call me names for all he likes but we all know that he is nothing but a sore plagiarizer.
Needless to say, will be another site we will be keeping a close eye on.


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