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 01 April 2008
 C. Lee Yu
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Ray Tracing To Debut In DirectX 11
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Who told you this? We have been monitoring your articles based on leaked Microsoft information and like this one, they are ALL incorrect. Please let us know who your source is so we can correct him. (Editor : Or fire him???)

Note that we have notified our legal department and the FBI as all Microsoft internal documents are not meant to be taken out of the building. They will be in touch shortly. Please extend all courtesies in cooperating with their investigation. (Editor : Good luck! We are in Malaysia! )



This is a great day for Intel. For too long, those wannabes in Santa Clara and Ontario have basked in all the attention. Come November, the CPU will reign supreme again! Why buy graphics cards when all you need is an Intel multi-core processor?

I can't give you guys much more details than this. NDA restrictions and all that, but we have been running Crysis on Nehalem samples and some Core 2 processors. I can't quote exact numbers but the QX9650 is getting frame rates in the upper 30s. Nehalem samples are currently 50-60% faster but we think it will be closer to twice the performance at launch. Eat that, GPU!



Our Phenoms have no problem supporting DirectX 11 when it launches. What we fear is the inclusion of some codes that strongly favour Intel's microarchitecture. They are getting close to 100% scalability while we are hitting much lower percentages. We will be lobbying Microsoft to remove such blatantly anti-competitive actions by Intel or we may have to come up with a much better processor. In the meantime, I hope you will tell your readers to buy more AMD and ATI products. Times are tough for us. :(



Our merger with AMD is finally vindicated. The press may have derided that decision time and time again, but we are now well-placed to benefit from the switch to ray-tracing. In the meantime, our DirectX 10.1 advantage will see us well till DirectX 11 emerges. NVIDIA will finally get their just desserts for being so rude to us in your NVIDIA-AGEIA interview. We may be Canadians, but we are not stupid.

By the way, we are aware we have not been always responsive to smaller websites like Tech ARP but with our future successes with DirectX 10.1 and DirectX 11, we promise to hire more staff to reply e-mails and we may even allocate some budget for review samples. Just ask your readers to buy more ATI graphics cards! NVIDIA is screwed.



No comment. (First try)

Again, we have no comment or knowledge of the matter. (Second try)

This is our final word on the matter. No comment. (Editor : Crap, they removed our login for their press documents!)



Where did you hear this??? We have been working on a new series of high-end DirectX 10 graphics cards, and now they are shifting to ray-tracing?????



It is not relevant. Our customers do not play games. Neither should you.

Ray Tracing To Debut In DirectX 11


Background information on ray tracing and how the industry evolved to see ray tracing as something more than just a tool for the 3D animation/movie industry.

DirectX 11

Details on DirectX 11 and its ray-tracing component. Includes details on compatibility with raster-based applications and hardware.

Commentary By Various Companies

Commentary on ray-tracing and DirectX 11 by representatives from companies like Intel, AMD, ATI, NVIDIA and Microsoft.



Questions & Comments

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