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 10 April 2003
 Cooler Master
 Brian Chong (goldfries)
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Definitive Review of the Cooler Master ASC-V73 Aero 7
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The Aero 7 : The Latest Warrior in the Battle against Heat!

Cooler Master is one of the more well-known brands when it comes to CPU coolers. Their products are found in all types of computers, from servers to workstations and, of course, personal computers running on both AMD and Intel Processors!

Before I share with you the details of the brand new Cooler Master ASC-V73 Aero 7 CPU cooler, I would like to thank Cooler Master for giving me the opportunity to review the Aero 7 (ASC-V73) cooler. Now, let's now move on to a detailed tour of the new Aero 7!


First Impressions

I still remember the day I got hold of the Aero 7. I was really impressed by its packaging. It came in a clear perspex retail packaging. Very nice packaging. Take a look at the picture below!

I thought the X-Dream's packaging was nice, but this one's even better! I like it very much because it looks very different from the conventional boxed packaging of other coolers.

Another thing that immediately caught my attention was the copper heatsink which was rather thin, compared to the other heatsinks I have seen so far. But looks are deceiving. Let's not cast any doubts on the performance of this impressive-looking cooler until we have had the chance to test it out!

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