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 18 September 2009
 Giveaway Contests
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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Tech ARP 2009 Desktop Memory Giveaway Contest
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The Tech ARP 2009 Desktop Memory Giveaway!

Team ARP is proud to announce our DDR2 Memory Giveaway for 2009! This is our way of saying thanks for being part of the Tech ARP community and helping us make it to where we are right now. Take a look at the prizes!


The Prizes

Corsair PC3200XL PRO Dual Pack

OCZ PC2-6400 Gold EL Dual Pack



Mushkin XP2-5300 Dual Pack

OCZ PC2-8000 Titanium Alpha Dual Pack

Please note that all these memory modules are provided as-is. That means we will not be responsible for any damage or loss of function/parts before, during or after delivery.


Bonus Prizes!

In addition to the memory modules above, we will be giving out 20 Tech ARP t-shirts! The winner of each contest period will get one, and four other forum members will be randomly selected to win a t-shirt each! Check it out!


I Want To Participate!

All you need to do is just participate in the Tech ARP Forums from August 2 until August 30, 2009! Join us in our discussions for the next 4 weeks and you could win one or more of these prizes!

Every day of the contest, we will randomly select 20 forum members who have posted at least once OR referred someone who registers in the forums that very day. A minimum of two slots per day will be allocated to those who have referred a new forum member. You can be selected multiple times, as many times as the days that you have posted in the forums or referred someone to the Tech ARP forums. This gives you a greater chance of winning the prize.

At the end of the contest, we will have a list of 580 forum nicks. There will be some repetitions of course, depending on how many were selected multiple times. We will randomly select 20 prize winners from the list of 580 forum nicks. The first four winners will receive one of the four memory kits and a Tech ARP t-shirt while the remaining 16 winners will receive a Tech ARP t-shirt each.

In total, there will be 20 individual prizes, and if you are active (and lucky) enough, you can win more than one prize!

You will need to be a registered member of the Tech ARP Forums so if you have not registered earlier, you will need to register before you can post. Don't worry - registration is FREE and the process is very simple!

Note : Please tell your friends to identify you as their Referral during the registration process so you will get credit for it.


Help Us Help You!

Tech ARP will be sponsoring many of these prizes and delivery of all prizes at substantial cost to the team. If you would like to help us defray our costs, you can do so by visiting more of our sponsors or donate to our fund. Any help you can render is greatly appreciated!



  • The contest will run from August 2 until 2400 hours MYT (GMT +8), August 30, 2008 .
  • At the end of every day of the contest, 20 forum members who meet the requirements will be randomly selected.
  • Every forum member who posts at least once in the forums, or who refers a newly registered member to the forum, qualifies.
  • A minimum of two slots per day will be allocated to those who have referred a new forum member.
  • New forum members must identify their Referral during the registration process.
  • Every forum member can be selected multiple times.
  • Spam posts will be deleted and will not count in this contest.
  • This contest is open to everyone from around the world, including members of Team ARP. Only the contest judges Adrian Wong, Chai, Peaz and Dashken are not allowed to participate.
  • The judges' decisions are final.


The Winners!

After trudging through thousands of posts to obtain a clean list, we randomly selected these winners from 580 qualified nicks (20 per day). Our heartiest congratulations to these winners!

Contest Prize

Main Prize Winner

T-Shirt Winners

Corsair PC3200XL PRO Dual Pack



OCZ PC2-6400 Gold EL Dual Pack



Mushkin XP2-5300 Dual Pack



OCZ PC2-8000 Titanium Alpha Dual Pack



If your name is on the list, please e-mail Adrian (awsh @ your particulars ASAP. Be sure to include your real name, full address and telephone number. Thanks!


Questions & Comments

If you have any questions or comments about this contest, please feel free to post them here! We look forward to hearing from you! :)

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