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 18 February 2003
 Cooler Master
 Brian Chong (goldfries)
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Cooler Master HAC-V81 @ X-Dream Review
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The Dream Of Many : The Cooler Master HAC-V81 @ X-Dream

Cooler Master is one of the more popular brands when it comes to coolers. Their products are found in all types of computers, from servers to workstations and of course, personal computers. In fact, AMD retail-packaged processors come bundled with one of the coolers!

Today, we have the pleasure of presenting you with our review of the latest product from CoolerMaster - the HAC-V81 a.k.a X-Dream.


First Impressions

The Cooler Master X-Dream was designed to be compatible with both Socket 370 and Socket A. So, it supports the following processors :-

  • Intel Pentium III Coppermine up to 1.13GHz
  • Intel Pentium III Tualatin up to 1.6GHz
  • Intel Celeron up to 1.6GHz
  • AMD Athlon / Athlon XP up to 2800+
  • AMD Duron up to 1.7GHz

It comes with in a clear retail perspex packaging. Inside, you will find :-

  • one turquoise-coloured 80mm fan, rated up to 4800 RPM
  • one aluminum heat sink with a copper insert
  • one 4-pin Molex power connector
  • one 3-pin power connector (for fan speed monitoring)
  • one packet of thermal grease


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