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Access USA

Access USA is the leader in package and mail forwarding. Serving their customers since 1997, Access USA has extensive experience in properly servicing international consumers, businesses and expatriates.

Access USA forwarding services eliminate the difficulties encountered when purchasing from US retailers. In particular:

   1) Many US retailers will not ship overseas.
   2) The US retailers that do ship internationally charge very high shipping rates.

Access USA receives packages on behalf of their customers and then they consolidate the merchandise, repack, and ship the merchandise to their customers overseas. They also prepare all of the necessary customs paperwork for each shipment.

Their customers have complete control over the entire package forwarding process. Inbound shipments are immediately logged into their online database and their customers are notified of the arrival via e-mail. Their customers are able to view their received merchandise and schedule shipments through a personalized web page at any time, day or night.

Access USA mail forwarding services are utilized primarily by U.S. citizens living overseas that wish to continue receiving their normal U.S. mail stream (first class mail, bulk mail, catalogs, magazines). In addition, many foreign nationals wishing to maintain a U.S. mailing address will utilize Access USA mail forwarding services.

With Access USA, you will enjoy the same merchandise selection, pricing, and discounts as US residents without the difficulties associated with international shipping. Shop on the Internet with ease!

In 2005, Access USA purchased a new 30,000 square foot warehouse to accommodate their rapid growth. They proudly service approximately 13,000 customers worldwide and process over 40,000 packages each month.

To register for their mail-forwarding service, just click here. You can also check their delivery rates using this rate calculator :

Rate Calculator
Weight: Kg


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