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I am...

Ok. Seriously, who and 'what' I am is not important. The frog screensaver on my cell phone is...

Well, when I'm online, I'm usually known as Peaz. Off the net, I'm Ken. Full name? Ng Yin Chern.

I'm currently an IT consultant for a management consulting firm called Innovation Associates with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science majoring in Computer Networking from Malaya University. So, yeah.. that's me. I'm a professional CONsultant. :P

I currently shelter myself from the forces of nature somewhere in PJ, specifically SS2. So, anyone living around this area, e-mail me if you wanna see the frog on my phone and say 'Hi' to it. And when I'm not at SS2, then I'll probably be at my hometown Bukit Mertajam, Penang. And as some of you might have noticed, yes, I do live relatively near Adrian's hometown.

Oh well, if you wanna know me better, you could probably read my blog here :P.


It's was on 13 December 2000 when I posted my very first review here that I officially became an ARP member. However, I've knew of Adrian a very long time ago. We were in the same primary and secondary school. It was him that introduced me to wonderful world of overclocking...well, basically anything to do with computer hardware tweaking!!!

At first, I was only a member contributing articles and reviews ocasionally to Adrian to fill up the site. Then, i moved on to become a resident reviewer, concentrating more on coolers and CD-RW drives. This time around, I also helped out in programming the new site! So if you think you know of any problems with the site or have good ideas on certain part of the site, feel free to e-mail me anytime.

I'm interested in...

My Life... and life sometime presents to you the best thing that can happen to you, ever. Mine is presented in Leian, the love of my life. She's my first and foremost interest...way above everything else that I love...(I surely hope she don't ask me to quit computing now! :grin:)

Oh, and computers too! Well, I do have a thing for 3D graphics and animations too... and art, and photography too! You can check out my gallery here!

My PC...

Well, here's the rig I'm using now. Nothing cutting edge. Just what I need to play, programme, and watch DVDs. (notice that I mention play 1st!)

The standard messy table that comes free with a nerdy geek like me

The Specifications

CPU AMD AthlonXP 1600+ @ 1.7GHz
Motherboard ABIT NF7-S
GPU Pixelview ATI Radeon 9800SE 256bit
Hard Disk 80GB Western Digital WD800
CD-RW Lite-On 40x12x48x CDRW
Monitor 19" Viewsonic Professional Series P95F+
Keyboard Logitech Elite Keyboard
Mouse Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer V3.0
Cooling Kit OCH Z3 Water Cooling Kit
Speakers Sonic Gear Sonic Power P350R 2.1 Speaker System + Creative Labs PC Works FourPoint Surround
Graphic Tablet Wacom Graphire 3

That's basically all about me. Hit me with an e-mail if you wish to know me better... :D

Peaz out.

Ken Ng
Webmaster and Contributing Editor

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