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Who am I...

I'm a Malaysian, so are the rest of the members here in ARP :) . I'm currently living in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, just 10km away from the Kuala Lumpur City. Kuala Lumpur, like many other smaller cities in Malaysia, are plagued with traffic problems. Bad public transportation, heavy traffics during peak hour. In addition to that, the drivers here are equally bad. Be prepare with your middle finger, because you will keep pointing at them. Marauder keeps a handy pocket size Sony digital camera with him, and always prepared to take pictures! Have you seen the TV show 'World Wildest Police Videos'? Those police chases are nothing compare to drivers in KL! Unfortunately, this is one of the 'attractions' in KL. LOL! :D

So how did I join ARP?

I started building my own water cooling system long before it became mainstream like it is today. Marauder was the middle man. He introduced Adrian to me, and Adrian asked me if I would like to write an article about my water cooler. I've never actually written any articles in the past, so it was a good experience, and now, here I am, contributing for ARP. :) I wouldn't consider myself having great writing skills, but I will try my best to present them.

My Interests

Well, I love overclocking. I love tweaking my PC to the absolute limit, but because I'm a student and can't afford destroying hardware parts, so I usually avoid modification that will void the warranty. :)

Other than tweaking PCs, watching sports program is my next favorite past time. Formula 1 definitely tops my favorite sports. Although I've only started watching F1 since 1999, I'm extremely glued to it. I've not missed a race since the first Malaysian Grand Prix which was held in Sepang International Circuit in September 1999, one of the most modern racing circuit in the world. Since then, I've started downloading and collecting F1 related videos from the net. Now I have at least 15GB of videos in my collection, from the 50s to the most recent race! :D But I hate everyone's favorite sports, soccer. Don't ask me why. :)

My system

Due to my recent power supply failure which blew up everything on my system except RAM and floppy drive, I was forced to upgrade my system. It's not the most cutting edge system, but it's more than sufficient for my gaming needs, surfing, doing my personal work, and folding for the Team ARP!

- AMD Athlon 1600+ running at 1.75GHz
- MSI KT3 Ultra
- 512MB Apacer PC2700 CAS2.5 DDR SDRAM
- Hercules Prophet 4500 64MB (Kyro2)
- Maxtor D740X-6L 20GB 7200rpm
- Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 DE
- Liteon 24x10x40 CD-RW Drive
- Sony E230 17" Trinitron

Chai (Contributor)
[email protected]

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