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Crucial Technology UK

Crucial Technology has long been one of the most well-established and popular names in memory. Great prices, great packaging, great performance and now great offers!

We hope these offers can help you get the memory modules you want at a much cheaper price. We will constantly update this page with new discount coupon codes and news so keep checking back often! ;)

This page is for offers made by the UK subsidiary of Crucial Technology. Here are their latest offers / promotions :-


Discount / Rebate
Offer Period

All Crucial UK Products

• Save 5% on all Crucial UK products for a limited time only!

5% Discount
+ Free Shipping
Time Limited Promotion
Crucial System Scanner


Some Time-Limited Offers
+ Free Shipping
Ongoing Promotion

Crucial Vista Upgrades

• Memory upgrades for Windows Vista
• Scan your system and find out how much memory you need for Windows Vista!
Some Time-Limited Offers
+ Free Shipping
Ongoing Promotion

Crucial Gizmo! USB Flash Drives

• Up to 80X write (13MB/s)
• Up to 160X read (25MB/s)
• 512MB-4GB Capacities
• Dual-Channel Controller
• Security Software Included
• ReadyBoost™-capable
Some Time-Limited Offers
+ Free Shipping

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