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 07 August 2004
 Jetart Technology
 Monitoring Devices
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Jetart Xpanel DT5000 Multi-Purpose Display Panel Review
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Multi purpose display panels are increasingly becoming more and more popular with hardware enthusiasts these days. These panels have gone through a lot of changes and evolution to become what they are today - from the old switch baybuses of yesteryear to the cool looking colorful displays of today, these things are here to stay. A trend that a lot of manufacturers are adopting is to combine this with the HDD cooler. We have seen many such offerings from other manufacturers, and today we will take a look at a panel from Jetart.

The Xpanel.

Jetart is a relatively newcomer to the mainstream enthusiast market. They have been manufacturing since 1994 and have a wide variety of cooling-related products in their line-up. Among them include CPU coolers, HDD coolers, various kinds of chipset coolers and more. Let's have a look at the Jetart Xpanel DT 5000, shall we?


The Jetart Xpanel DT 5000 comes in a cardboard box that displays a picture of the panel and also highlights the main features of this panel.

The Box.

The back of the box shows the dimensions and specifications of the unit. It also shows the fan's specifications.

The back of the box.

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