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 13 August 2004
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Zalman ZM80D-HP Heatpipe Cooler Review
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The Packaging

It hasn't changed much since the first ZM50HP. It uses a transparent plastic box that doesn't really protect the heat sink well, but is good for retail display. I still prefer the old cardboard box that Zalman used on their older products. So make sure that there's no damage before you purchase them, assuming that you are not purchasing it online of course!

Zalman uses many different methods to make sure that the packaging is sealed properly. But despite their efforts, I still managed to cut myself while trying to open the ZM80D-HP.

This is what they include in the package:

  • Front Heat Sink
  • Back Heat Sink
  • Heatpipe Cover
  • Front Heat Sink Base (Type A and B)
  • Back Heat Sink Base (Type A and B)
  • VGA RAM Heat Sinks (8 pieces)
  • Heatpipe A
  • Heatpipe B
  • Screwdriver
  • Assembly Parts 1 Set
  • Spare Parts 1 Set

There are several optional components that you may need and have to be purchased separately like the ZM-OP1, an optional fan which is required if you are using new and hot graphics cards like the 9700 Pro, FX5800 or newer, and the ZM-RHS1 RAM heatsink set for an additional 8 heat sinks for cards with a total of 16 RAM chips.

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