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 22 April 2011
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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OCZ Vertex 2 (E) 120 GB Solid State Drive Review Rev. 3.0
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OCZ Solid State Drives

OCZ Technology has one of the most extensive SSD line-ups in the industry. They not only offer solid state drives in the traditional 1.8", 2.5" or 3.5" hard disk drive form factors, but also less common upgrade paths like PCI Express and USB 3.0.

Their 2.5" SATA family alone offers four different product segments :

  • Maximum Performance / Enterprise : OCZ Vertex 2 EX, and OCZ Vertex 2 Pro
  • Performance / Enterprise : OCZ Vertex 2 and OCZ Agility 2
  • Mainstream : OCZ Vertex and OCZ Onyx 2
  • Value : OCZ Onyx

Today, we will be looking at the OCZ Vertex 2 (E) 120 GB solid state drive, which is one of their Performance / Enterprise-grade solid state drives. It features the following key features :

  • Superb 4K random writes up to 50,000 IOPS

  • Cooler, quieter and more energy efficient than hard disk drives

  • TRIM support for better performance and longer lifespan in Windows 7

  • 2 million hours MTBF

  • 3 years warranty

Let's find out how well this drive performs!



The OCZ Vertex 2 comes in a nice, shrink-wrapped cardboard box. The entire series appears to use the same packaging, with just a black sticker on the upper left corner to identify the drive inside. At the back, the packaging lists the common specifications of the OCZ Vertex 2 series of solid state drives.

Inside the outer cardboard packaging is a box that opens like a book. The 3.5" drive bay is actually embedded in the front of the box, covered by the installation manual and a sticker. The OCZ Vertex 2 drive lies recessed inside this box, together with a packet of screws (seen to the left of the drive in the picture above).

When you take everything out, this is what you should get :

  • One OCZ Vertex 2 120 GB solid state drive
  • One OCZ 3.5" drive bay adaptor
  • One packet of 8 mounting screws
  • One OCZ Vertex 2 installation guide
  • One "My SSD Is Faster Than Your HDD" sticker


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OCZ Vertex 2 (E) 120 GB SSD Overview


OCZ Solid State Drives • Packaging


The Vertex 2 (E) 120 GB SSD
Usable Capacity • Specifications


The Connectors • 3.5" Drive Bay Adaptor
SSD Maintenance


Testing The OCZ Vertex 2


Surface Temperature
Transfer Rate Profile


WinBench 99 Test Results
Transfer Rate Range


IO Meter Random Access Performance


IO Meter Sequential Access Performance


IOPS Scaling (Random Access)


IOPS Scaling (Sequential Access)



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