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 05 November 2015
 Mobile Devices
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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Samsung Galaxy Note5 Phablet Review
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Work Performance - PCMark

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Note5's performance using PCMark, which simulates work applications like web browing, playing video, writing text and editing photos.

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Review


Galaxy Note5

ZenFone 2

Galaxy S6

Work Performance Score




Web Browsing




Video Playback








Photo Editing




The Samsung Galaxy Note5 is slighty (2.8%) faster than the Samsung Galaxy S6, but quite a bit slower than the Intel-powered ASUS ZenFone 2. The ZenFone 2's PowerVR G6430 GPU appears to be much better than the ARM Mali-T760 GPU in video playback and photo editing.

Frankly speaking though - all three devices are so fast, you can't tell which is faster just by using them. The differences are only apparent using a benchmark like PCMark.

Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition Experience

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Battery Performance - PCMark

We then tested the Samsung Galaxy Note5's battery performance using PCMark. It basically ran the PCMark work tests until its battery capacity dropped to 20%.

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 lasted about 8 hours 43 minutes on the PCMark stress test. This is a stress test that simulates the worst possible workload. In our real world experience, we had no problem using it for 10-11 hours at a time, with the exception of taking photos or recording video.

The Sony IMX240 sensor sucks a lot of power, so the Galaxy Note5 may run out of juice after just 3-4 hours of using it to take photos and videos.

Are you ready for Windows 10?

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Battery Recharging Performance

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 comes with the Fast Charging capability, which makes up for the fact that it is rather power-hungry. You will have to use the included adaptive fast charger that delivers up to 15 W of power.

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Review

As the chart shows, it recharged from 17% to 100% in just 80 minutes (1 hour 20 minutes). It recharged really fast up to 80%, which took just under 41 minutes. That's very fast!

How useful is the 4GB of RAM in the ASUS ZenFone 2?

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The Samsung Galaxy Note5 Review


The Galaxy Note5 - The Best Note Yet
The Galaxy Note5 Unboxed
, What's Inside?


The Samsung Galaxy Note5 Phablet
Specifications Comparison


Display & Size, Storage & Memory
Dual SIM Capability, Improved S Pen


The Improved Cameras
Photo + Video Recording Performance


Work Performance - PCMark
Battery & Recharging Performance


Overall Performance - AnTuTu
Gaming Performance - 3DMark


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