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 04 June 2008
 Technology Report
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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NVIDIA Tegra - Intel Atom's Silver Bullet? Rev. 2.0
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The ARM11 MPCore Processor & Battery Life

A key component in the NVIDIA Tegra is the ARM11 processor core. Without it, the Tegra can only play second fiddle to an Intel or AMD processor.

The ARM11 processor may not be quite as fast as the Intel Atom Z500 (both running at 800 MHz)...

But the Intel processor lasts only for hours on a single 1400 mAh battery, while the ARM11 processor lasts for days and weeks.

NVIDIA claims to offer a complete software solution for fast time-to-market...

And will introduce faster Tegra processors every year while keeping their idle power below 100 mW.

The battery life of the Tegra playing a 720p HD video and the Atom playing an SD video.

The battery life of both the Tegra and the Atom while browsing the Internet.

The NVIDIA Tegra is available in the form of the smaller Tegra APX for Smartphones and the more powerful Tegra for Mobile Internet Devices.

Translation : All your base are belong to us!




What Is NVIDIA Tegra?


NVIDIA Presents The Tegra


The ARM11 MPCore Processor & Battery Life


The NVIDIA Tegra Processors
The Tegra Processor Specifications


The NVIDIA Tegra 650 In Action
The NVIDIA Tegra AXP 2500 In Action


Look Inside The NVIDIA Smartphone Prototype!

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