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 31 August 2004
 Geodesic Information Systems
 Jason Wong
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Mundu Interoperable Messenger Review
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Since Pocket PCs came into the scene, Palm PCs have always been thought of as laid-back, outdated & pretty much 'dead'. The only reason why I switched from the former was because the statement is actually far from true - at least on a Sony Clie. In fact, I think that if Palm OS skeptics (I was once one) actually gave the Palm platform a try, I'm sure they will probably think twice about what a Pocket PC can really do.

I have previously been doubtful about the capabilities of the Palm OS platform until I had the opportunity to try some of the software. I never did believe a Palm application could ever be as good as a Pocket PC application, much less better than it. Until I actually owned a Palm PC and tried out its numerous software.

One of the most critical applications for a mobile PDA is chat software. We are now in a connected environment; with wireless hotspots growing everywhere and GPRS becoming more popular as the human network expands in cyberspace. In short, we just want to be in communication all the time; be it on the mobile phone or through Instant Messaging (IM) software.

If you have a Palm OS device, then the Mundu Interoperable Messenger 2.4, developed by Geodesic Information Systems Limited of India, might just be the answer to your search for mobile instant messaging!

It supports the popular MSN, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo instant messaging systems. So, you don't have to worry about losing access to your favourite IM network.

Okay, let's run through its features and see how it compares to desktop instant messengers!

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