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 15 December 2004
 Kingston Technology
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Kingston 1GB Ultra-Low Latency PC3200 HyperX Dual Channel Memory Kit Review
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Kingston is one of those old-school memory manufacturers, having been in the game since 1987. For much of the 17 years the company has existed, its focus has been on the high-volume OEM market and also supplying memory modules to system integrators.

In the past few years however, as with so many other memory manufacturers, they have started to pay more attention to the needs of enthusiast PC users. Kingston's HyperX range constitutes the high-end of their PC memory offerings, and has gained a certain measure of acceptance in the overclocking community.

This review involves Kingston's 512MB HyperX PC3200 DDR memory modules, which came to us as a 1GB dual-channel memory kit with the model number KHX3200ULK/1G. Please note that this is a 1GB dual-channel memory kit that is made up of two 512MB HyperX modules.

Let's go right ahead and check out the package.



Kingston packages their HyperX modules in the familiar plastic retail packages, much like those used by Corsair as well as the rest of Kingston's product lines. The packaging isn't bomb-proof, but it is adequate for transporting the light memory modules safely .

Once the sticker sealing the box was removed, we took a good look at the modules:



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