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 08 May 2005
 Multimedia Devices
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Hyundai HY-6611 MP3 Player Review
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Hyundai HY-6611 MP3 Player

When it comes to an all-in-one MP3 player, the Hyundai HY-6611 MP3 Player definitely fits the bill. It comes at a decent price too.

It plays both WMA and MP3 files and also works as a 1GB USB flash memory drive. It can also be used as a voice recorder and receive FM radio transmissions.

It comes in a standard package that includes a good pair of ear buds, USB extension cable, neck strap, user manual, installation CD and an alkaline battery.

One thing that I find lacking is that the player does not show you how much disk space is used and left on the player. Maybe I'm asking too much. I can still plug it into a PC and check the capacity anytime. It's just that this player would be a lot more complete if this feature was included.

The player is solidly-built, but please do NOT, EVER keep it in your pocket along with hard objects like keys or coins. I learned it the hard way. My Hyundai HY-6611 is now filled with scratches. The gray color of this player actually accentuates the scratches, rather than hide them.

I just bought a pouch to keep this player from enduring any more nasty scratches. I suggest you do the same.

After having the Hyundai HY-6611 for over 3 months, complaints are but few. I have mostly praises for it. If you are looking for a MP3 player that can also serve as a large USB flash memory drive as well as a voice recorded and a FM radio receiver, you should seriously consider this player. Why? It sounds good and best of all, it's cheaper than most MP3 players of the same capacity out there!

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  • Comes with a segment replay function that's excellent for language learning
  • Built-in radio that can store 20 pre-set channels
  • Supports multiple folders (but not subfolders)
  • Supports English & Chinese (GB/Big5)
  • Boasts a maximum of 272 hours of high quality voice recording (1GB)
  • Can create an additional encrypted partition using included sofware
  • Supports USB Plug & Play, no driver is needed (except in Windows 98 SE)

Lowest PriceGrabber Price • N/A
Review Comprehensive Review
Audio Formats Supported • MP3, WMA
Capacity • 1GB
Display • Full graphics LCD display
• Seven-color backlight (Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Light Blue and White)

• 3.3 cm/1.3 inches (diagonal) active area
Equalizer • 6 modes EQ (Normal, DBB, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Pop)
Battery Type • 1.5V AAA alkaline battery
• 1.2V AAA NiMH/NiCad battery
Battery Life • 15 hours continuous operation with a single piece of 1.5V AAA alkaline battery
Weight • 32 g (without battery)
Dimensions (W x H x D) • 92 mm x 31 mm x 21 mm
PC Interface Supported • USB 2.0
Operating Systems • Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP


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