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 22 January 2005
 Multimedia Devices
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Dell Pocket DJ Review
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When the very first portable MP3 players rolled out into the electronics scene, they were an immediate hit with the consumers. The first types were the flash-based player, which meant that they utilized flash memory to store the data. The problem with this was the limited storage space; the consumer would not be able to carry many MP3s with him wherever he goes.

As a result, the hard disk-based MP3 player was born. Most companies now carry both the hard disk-based and the flash-based players in their product line-ups.

A while back, I had a look at the Rio Forge Sport flash-based portable MP3 player. Today however, we will look at one of the hard disk-based players, the Dell Pocket DJ.

Among the hard disk-based portable MP3 players, Apple has made ripples. Their iPods arguably dominate the segment. Can Dell give them a run for their money?

I know you guys are dying to read the review, but before that, here's a little number on Dell.



Dell is one of the largest computer assemblers in the world. They are based in Round Rock, Texas, and have plants and facilities all over the world from Ireland, China, and Brazil. They are known for their Dimension desktops and their PowerEdge line of servers. Dell also has notebooks, storage solutions, workstations, and networking solutions in their line-up. As of late, they have began to further diversify into the world of the handhelds such as the PDA and portable MP3 players.


The Package

The Dell Pocket DJ came in a Dell box (naturally).

Dell Pocket DJ, in Dell Box

The Dell box actually came inside a larger box and was held in place by cardboard stand-off. The CD was sandwiched between this smaller box and the inner wall of the larger box.

First Sight with the Dell Box Opened

When the smaller Dell box was opened, I was greeted by the Dell Pocket DJ Getting Started Guide. The guide provides a quick run-through of how to get the Pocket DJ up and running.

Let's see what's underneath it.

Lift the Getting Started Guide and... voila!

When the Guide was removed, I found the player and all of its accessories. This packaging is simillar to what you see on cellphone packaging: everything sits snuggly on a paper board tray. As you can see, for added protection, the Dell Pocket DJ is bubble-wrapped for further protection against potential damage during shipment. You know your product has been well-cushioned against harm.



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