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 30 September 2003
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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AXN Anime Festival 2003 Reports
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Editor's Foreword

On the 27th of September, AXN launched their first Anime Festival in Malaysia! There was quite a lot of talk about it in the forums and many of our forum members went to check it out.

Today, we will see a compilation of reports of the event from sumurai and Goldfries!

Let's start with sumurai's report first!

PS. Pictures were taken by sumurai using a Palm Zire, so please forgive the poor picture quality!



sumurai's Report

The first AXN Anime Festival in Malaysia on 27th September 2003, should be the biggest anime event in Malaysia to date. There used to be events that cater for anime fans in the past such as cosplay (COSMAS CON 2003) which was organised by the Malaysia Cosplay Club and similar events (i.e. Comic Fiesta which was organised by Comic Fiesta). But due to extensive publicity by AXN and coverage on most local newspapers, the AXN Anime Festival successfully lured a much larger crowd then other anime events in Malaysia.

We reached there at about 12.45 PM, just 45 minutes after the event kicked off. But the crowd we saw was just tremendous and I am not exaggerating! We were unable to go inside the Exhibition Center by then because they actually closed the gate to reduce the congestion inside the hall.

The gate was closed when I reached the hall.

So we had to wait outside the gate for about 20 minutes with thousands of other visitors. We spent the time listening to the events through the loud speaker outside the hall and guessing what they could be. There appeared to be a cosplay event going on while we waited rather impatiently outside.

The crowd


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