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 28 August 2005
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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Intel's New Centrino Mobility Campaign
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On August 25th, Intel launched a campaign to promote the use of Centrino notebooks amongst Malaysian youths. Even Cheryl Samad, the Malaysian Idol host, was there to start the ball rolling at a special launch in Starbucks, Ikano Power Centre.

So, even though I was barely functional with only 3 hours of sleep, I made my way to the venue in Petaling Jaya, fully loaded with a notebook and a Nikon D70 camera. Who could miss a close-up session with Cheryl?

As it was held at Starbucks, I expected it to be a rather small event. But I was quite surprised to see that quite a few people turned up for the morning press event. Must be the Cheryl effect.

During the quick registration, I finally met up with Jocelyn Chang, Intel's PR representative. Although I do have no photos of her to show you crocodiles, believe me when I say I wouldn't mind meeting her again.

I hurriedly got myself a cup of coffee to clear my head and hopefully wipe away the blur look on my face. Too bad they didn't serve any ice-blended coffee but hey, it's morning! So, a hot cup of coffee was, retrospectively, a better choice.

While waiting for the event to begin, Cheryl went around introducing herself. And yes, I met her and even shook her hand. No, shaking my hand won't feel the same, so don't ask.

Okay, enough of idle chit-chat. Let's move on Intel's latest marketing plans!


Mobilizing Young Malaysians

Okay, this event was basically organized to launch Intel's new campaign aimed at getting more youths to start using Centrino-based notebooks. Yeah, the campaign will be about showing young people how useful wireless connectivity can be but needless to say, the focus will strictly be on Intel's Centrino technology.

According to Intel, the Synovate Young Asians Survey reported that notebook PC adoption among Malaysian youth is at 18%, which is higher than other regional markets like Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I wonder how accurate that survey really is - I personally don't feel our notebook PC adoption is so high...

In any case, there's still a lot of market share out there to be had. So, to promote Intel's Centrino technology amongst these tech-savvy youths, Intel is going to encourage them to try out Centrino-based notebooks.

Over the next two months, Intel will be rolling out its campaign with help from Channel V, the Malaysian Institute of Art, selected Starbucks and "mamak stalls" around the Klang Valley. Hey, why not ARP?? Reviews and articles on Centrino would work too, no?

In addition, consumers can also participate in online contests on and win exciting prizes which include Intel Centrino-based notebooks.

Interesting, eh? Okay, let's move on to the event itself and check out details on the various activities Intel is arranging, as well as the PICTURES I took at the event!!!


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