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 18 April 2005
 Gaming Devices
 Jeremy Tan (Sk||tz)
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XTracPads HYBRID Mouse Pad Review
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X-Trac Hybrid Mouse Pad

The XTracPads HYBRID mouse pad scores major points for its large mousing surface and the hybrid combination of cloth and plastic for an exceptional mousing experience. It also scored additional points in the packaging department as well as for the generous serving of miscellaneous extras.

Nonetheless, the HYBRID is not without flaws. For one, you can only roll up the mouse pad with the surface facing outwards. If you forget and roll it the other way around, you will end up with unsightly grooves on the surface.

There’s also the possibility of it being labeled a National Health Hazard as it will absorb and retain sweat and dirt. Hence, maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis.

Overall, it is an achievement in its own rights. The XTracPads HYBRID is to be recommended for its innovation in providing a ‘bump’-free mousing experience and its ability to cater to both optical and opto-mechanical mice.

  • Hybrid cloth-polypropylene surface
  • Sure Grip rubber base
  • 100% compatible with all optical, laser and opto-mechanical mice


• NA

Lowest PriceGrabber Price


Comprehensive Review


• 16" (406mm)


• 10" (254mm)


• 3/16" (4.77mm)


• Hybrid cloth-polypropylene surface


• Sure Grip rubber base


• All optical, laser and opto-mechanical mice

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