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 07 September 2013
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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ED#159 : More Images Of Apple's Forthcoming iPhone 5C Leaked
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ED#159 : More Images Of Apple's Forthcoming iPhone 5C Leaked

Just days before the official Apple announcement on their new iPhones, the Internet is rife with rumours and leaks about what Apple will reveal. An iPhone 5S as a replacement for the Apple iPhone 5, that was released on 19th of September last year, is all but a foregone conclusion. What Apple fans and watchers argue about is the claim that Apple would offer a lower-cost iPhone as well. This, you will note, is something that Apple doyen, Steve Jobs, was dead set against.

Instead of selling a cheaper, lower-end iPhone together with every new flagship iPhone model, Apple has chosen instead to offer their previous generation iPhone model with less storage capacity as the "lower-end model". This trickle-down system has the benefit of both extending the production life of each iPhone model (lowering costs and increasing profit for Apple), as well as boosting the resale value of used iPhones.

All that will change if Apple introduces a cheaper, low-end version of the latest iPhone model. Correction - it is now more or less confirmed that Apple will introduce what most people are calling the Apple iPhone 5C as the lower-end version of the iPhone 5S. The choice of the letter C was said to denote the wider range of colours that the iPhone 5C will be made available in, while others claim that the C denotes "Cheap" because of the lower cost, or "China" because it will also support the TD-SCDMA standard, which is used exclusively in China.

The new iPhone 5C is rumoured to have a new case made out of plastic and fiberglass, that is said to be resistant to scratches. Because of the thicker case, the iPhone 5C will be 0.61 mm wider and longer as well as 0.8 mm thicker than the iPhone 5S. It will also be 16% heavier at 130 grams, versus just 112 grams for the iPhone 5S.

While both smartphones will look similar from the front, the iPhone 5C will feature a curved back and more case colours than just black and white. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claim that 4-6 colours will be available, and leaks from case manufacturer Tactus revealed that the iPhone 5C will come in 5 colours - white, black, blue, red and yellow.

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We can now confirm this, based on leaked cases from another case manufacturer - Spigen SGP. Spigen SGP will offer their Neo Hybrid cases in five different colours - Infinity White, Satin Silver, Metal Slate, Dante Red and Reventon Yellow, which are all designed to complement the iPhone 5C's 5 colours. Take a look :

We would like to point out also that if the iPhone 5C does come in 5 colours, the number of available colours would neatly match its name - 5C = 5 Colours.

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Although the case pictures above do not show the curvier back of the iPhone 5C, we can see that in the photos of another Spigen SGP case - the iPhone 5C Case Ultra Thin Air, which happens to be transparent. Take a look below :

There's a better look at the iPhone 5C's curvy back in the Spigen SGP banner for their iPhone 5C case section.

In the days ahead, we are pretty sure more and more case manufacturers will leak their designs, if only to ensure that their rivals do not get any advantage from earlier leaks. But no matter what gets, all will be revealed on 10th September 2013.

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