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 12 December 2002
 Utopia Sound Division
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Utopia Live! SoundFont Review
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Getting The SoundFont

The full version of Utopia Live V1.3 can be downloaded off the website, after making your payment, of course. It's a pretty lengthy process, especially for dial-up users like me. The files were split into eight 2.86MB RAR files. The download page only allows one user per login. I couldn't even use a download manager to download the files. Well, this is obviously for security reasons.

But the end result was it took me quite a while to download the files, especially when the download failed a few times. Otherwise, it was relatively painless. The V1.5 update can be downloaded for free, which fixes a few bugs including :-

- Utopia Live! soundfont has some playback fixes (mostly percussion).
- Utopia Live! version which provides better compatibillity with the Audigy cards has been added (note that this is NOT perfect).
- Configuration scripts/Instrument definition files for most popular sequencers are now included.
- Environmental Audio Environment for 4 speaker systems has been added.

If you don't like downloading or don't have an Internet connection (hey, how are you reading this then?!), you can always ask them to deliver a CD to your doorstep.


What's Included

After extracting RAR files and applying the V1.5 update, eight folders appeared in c:\utoplive\. Here's what they contain (as stated in the manual) :-

Utopia Live!
Contains the actual Utopia Live! v1.5 SoundFont and an example 'Environmental Audio Environment' which can be imported in the Environmental Audio panel.
Utopia Live! Audigy
Contains the version 1.5 release of Utopia Live! modified to work with the Audigy. Note that there are some problems with the Audigy in combination with Utopia Live! among which are a lot of dropping notes and some strange random sounds. Remember that Utopia Live! was made for the SB Live! range of soundcards and not for the Audigy!. Experiment with Reverb settings to find your own preferred settings.
Utopia Live! Lite
Contains the version 1.0 release of Utopia Live! Lite. This is a special version of Utopia Live! which needs less RAM, while only suffering a very small penalty in sound output quality. This version is meant for people with low amounts of system RAM and is only included as a bonus.
Source for future updates
Contains a file which will be used as a 'source' for future update patches and has no function at this time.
EAX Environments
Contains three Environmental Audio Environments. One for LiveWare 2.x, one for LiveWare 3.0 with 2 speaker support and one for LiveWare 3.0 with 4 speaker support.
Configuration Files
Contains Utopia Live! configuration/instrument definition files for most popular sequencers.
Contains the document you are reading now.
Bonus Acoustic piano
Contains a 3.6 MB bonus acoustic piano which was originally planned for use within Utopia Live!


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