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 08 April 2011
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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OCZ Enyo 64 GB Portable USB 3.0 Solid State Drive Review
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OCZ Solid State Drives

OCZ Technology has one of the most extensive SSD line-ups in the industry. They not only offer solid state drives in the traditional 1.8", 2.5" or 3.5" hard disk drive form factors, but also less common upgrade paths like PCI Express and USB 3.0.

Today, we will be looking at the OCZ Enyo 64 GB portable USB 3.0 solid state drive, which is one of the three OCZ Enyo solid state drives currently available. It features the following key features :

  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface.

  • Combines the performance and durability of a solid state drive with the portability of an external drive.

  • Background garbage collection to help maintain "like new" performance throughout its lifespan.

  • Sleek, anodized aluminium housing with blue activity LEDs

  • 1.5 million hours MTBF

  • 3 years warranty

The OCZ Enyo is a unique device that blurs the definition of portable drives as we know them. It is a solid state drive that looks like a portable hard disk drive but works more like a USB flash drive. As such, we will be comparing it not only to portable hard disk drives but also USB flash drives. Let's take a look.



The OCZ Enyo 64 GB portable USB 3.0 solid state drive came in a very nice blue cardboard box. It is a generic OCZ Enyo box so be sure to check the capacity sticker and label on the underside to confirm the storage capacity of the drive inside. The OCZ Enyo is currently available with storage capacities of 256 GB, 128 GB and 64 GB, each with different performance characteristics. The 64 GB model we are reviewing has the model number of OCZSSDU3-1ENY64G.

As nice as the box is, OCZ forgot to add notches to the sides. This made it incredibly hard to open the box. We had to literally shake the box to slide the inner half out enough to pull it out. The weight of the drive and cable was useful in getting the box to slide out. When we tried again without the drive and the cable, it was almost impossible to slide the inner half out.

We highly recommend you cut out a long strip of paper and lay it across the top of the inner box before you put it back, so that the two ends stick out when the box is closed. This will allow you to easily open the box by holding onto the outer box and pulling on both ends of the paper strip.

Inside the box, you will find the following items :

  • an OCZ Enyo 64 GB portable USB 3.0 solid state drive,
  • a 36" long USB 3.0 cable (Type A to Micro B),
  • a Quick Installation Guide, and
  • a "My SSD Is Faster Than Your HDD" sticker


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64 GB OCZ Enyo SSD Overview


OCZ Solid State Drive, Packaging


The 64 GB OCZ Enyo Solid State Drive
Usable Capacity, Specifications


USB 3.0 Interface, Size Comparison


Testing The OCZ Enyo


Maximum Surface Temperature
Transfer Rate Profile


WinBench 99 Test Results
Transfer Rate Range


Read & Write Copy Tests


IO Meter Random Access Performance


IO Meter Sequential Access Performance


USB 3.0 Vs. USB 2.0 Comparison (Random)


USB 3.0 Vs. USB 2.0 Comparison (Sequential)



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