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 15 October 2008
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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ED#102 : The Intel Core i7 Processor & Intel X58 Express Chipset Are Ready For Launch Rev. 1.2
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ED#102 : The Intel Core i7 Processor & Intel X58 Express Chipset Are Ready For Launch!

Back in June, we leaked Intel's desktop CPU and chipset roadmaps (here and here). They showed that the new Core i7 desktop processor (codenamed Bloomfield) and its chipset, the Intel X58 Express (codenamed Tylersburg) are scheduled to be launched sometime in Q4, 2008. Well, we are now in Q4, 2008!

Earlier today, we were informed by a source from a major motherboard manufacturer that the Intel Core i7 and the X58 Express are both ready for launch. In fact, this source was informed last month by both their HQ and an Intel representative to prepare for a launch in the middle of October. If what our source says is correct, then the Intel Core i7 and X58 Express could be out as early as NEXT WEEK or the week after at the latest!

The LGA1366 processor socket of the first working X58 Express motherboard!

However, this early launch date does sound a little suspect since we had previously expected it to be launched around Week 46 (November 10-16). But if this latest rumour is true, then Intel would be springing a really big surprise on everyone. So we thought we should dig elsewhere and see if we can verify this.

We called up a source from a different motherboard manufacturer, who seemed surprised at the early date. However, he conceded that he wasn't up to date on the launch date as their X58 motherboard has been delayed and they did not plan to be among the first to launch an X58 motherboard anyway.

We tried two other sources but they too were skeptical about the mid-October launch date. These two sources are privy to Intel's planned launch and they claimed that it will either be in the second or third week of November. Both sources say that the final launch date has yet to be determined but it will most likely be in third week, rather than the second week.

We went back to our original source with the new information we obtained. Our source reasserted that the information relayed to us was exactly what they were told by their HQ and Intel representative just last month. It is possible that they were only told to prepare for an early launch so that there would be ready stocks of motherboards and processors by launch day. On the other hand, it is also possible that Intel "might" be planning to do an early launch.

In any case, they already have a full retail unit at hand for the media to drool over, and will be expecting more units to arrive for the retail market by mid-October. Yes, we saw and physically touched the motherboard. It's real and it's working. Speculations about the actual launch date aside, it is obvious that the X58 Express motherboard is ready for launch today. We are just waiting for an Intel Core i7 processor to test it out!

The following links contain more information on the Intel Core i7 desktop processor and the Intel X58 Express chipset :


Update #1!

My original source was just informed by HQ that the Intel Core i7 and Intel X58 Express launch has been delayed until middle of November.

So, I guess my other sources who were much closer to Intel were correct after all. It looks like Intel would be launching the Core i7 processor and the X58 Express chipset either on the second week or the third week (most likely) of November after all.


Update #2!

We were able to obtain the final, confirmed launch date! The Intel Core i7-965 Extreme Edition, i7-940 and i7-920 processors, as well as the Intel X58 Express chipset will be released at 9:00 pm Pacific Time, November 16, 2008. This will be followed by the official Intel press release and worldwide launch events on November 17.

Although OEMs are apparently restricted to launching their products only at 5 pm Pacific Time, November 17 (after the Intel launch), Intel will allow the new Core i7 processors and X58 Express motherboards to be sold as early as 12:01 am local time, November 16, 2008.

To summarize :

November 16 (12:01 am local time) - End user sales, shipment and ads

November 16 (9 pm Pacific Time) - Worldwide product release

November 17 - Intel press release and launch events

November 17 (5 pm Pacific Time onwards) - OEM press release and launch events


Questions & Comments

If you have a question or comment on this editorial, please feel free to post them here!


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