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 03 November 2014
 Input Devices
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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COUGAR 700M Aluminium Gaming Mouse Review
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Adjustable Height

The COUGAR 700M also allows you to adjust the height of the palm rest. You don't need any tool, just turn this conveniently large knob at the end of the mouse to raise the palm rest.

COUGAR recommends that you raise the height of the palm rest if you prefer a "claw grip" - where you grip the mouse with your fingers, and drop the height of the palm rest if you prefer a "palm grip" - where you hold the mouse using your palm. Of course, you should try it out for yourself to see what suits you.

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Weight Tuning System

Contest iconThanks to its aluminium frame design, the COUGAR 700M is a light mouse at just 130 g. To accommodate those who prefer a mouse with more heft, COUGAR integrated a weight tuning system into the 700M, in the form of a weight cartridge just behind the DPI Switch button. It's so elegantly designed, you wouldn't have known it was there if you didn't read the manual.

There is a gap under the lip which allows you to pry it upwards, but it's not as easy as it looks because there's not much space to fit a finger. It's easier to pull up the weight cartridge if you remove the palm rest first. The weight cartridge is completely removable and has four slots.

The package includes four mini-weights, each weighing 4.5 g. That gives you a total of 18 g of additional weight to play with. After you slot in the weights you want, just slot it back into the COUGAR 700M. Very elegant design. Note too the relatively central position of the weight cartridge - it will feel heavier than if the weight was at the back of the mouse.

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The ability to adjust the resolution on-the-fly is very useful, if you switch often between work applications and games. The COUGAR 700M makes it very easy - there is a convenient DPI Cycle button located just above the scroll wheel. It also comes with a Sniper button that is not only easily reachable by the thumb but also angled at 45°, which allows you to activate it without generating enough side force to throw off the mouse's accuracy.

Although plenty of gaming mice allow you to select from multiple resolutions, the COUGAR 700M allows much greater granularity. Using the COUGAR UIX System software, you can choose resolutions from as low as 50 dpi all the way to 8200 dpi - in 50 dpi steps! Most people aren't going to notice the difference between 1600 dpi and 1650 dpi, but if you game for a living, it could make a difference.

The COUGAR 700M's switchable palm rests are not a gimmick - they do make a difference in the feel. So does the tool-less height adjustment system. Together, they can make a real difference in how well the 700M feels in your hand. Of course, once comfortable, you are unlikely to change very often. While COUGAR's naming of the palm rest conveys the idea that you should switch them depending on whether you are working or gaming, both adjustment systems are really to accommodate the two different holding styles - whether you grip the mouse with your fingers or press your palm on it.

If you are a "claw gripper" like me, you will really like the anti-slip sides which have a nice honeycomb design. They not only allow for a better grip (even when it gets sweaty!), they feel good to touch. They are anti-slip but do not cling, which is great because you can easily move your thumb to access the Sniper or the Forward and Backward buttons.

I wish they would bring down the Fire button though, because it's a little distant for my "Asian" hand. If it was closer in, it would be a really useful macro button - you can set it as a "Reload" button, for example. The Sport palm rest mitigates this somewhat, but if you are a palm-gripper with small hands, you will end up ignoring the Fire button.

That is a minor blip in what's a really phenomenal gaming mouse. Despite its angular looks, the COUGAR 700M feels really good in the hand, whether you prefer the "claw grip" or the "palm grip". Just as importantly, COUGAR took great efforts to ensure that the base was flat and stable. Nothing annoys me more than a rocking mouse.

Overall, the COUGAR 700M is a work of art - one that I really enjoyed using. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I'm awarding it our Editor's Choice Award! Congratulations, COUGAR!

Reviewer's Choice Award

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COUGAR 700M Review




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