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 27 April 2011
 Dr. Adrian Wong
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ED#129 : Apple To Launch iPad 2 In Malaysia This Week!
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ED#129 : Apple To Launch iPad 2 In Malaysia This Week!

People, we have just confirmed that Apple will be launching the iPad 2 in Malaysia on Friday, April 29, 2011! The first batch of Apple iPad 2 will be delivered on the launch date to selected customers who pre-booked their iPad 2s but there will be plenty to go around, at least in the beginning!

We also managed to obtain the official price list. How does it compare to prices in the US? Check it out!



United States


Apple iPad 2
(16 GB WiFi)

RM 1,499 

US$ 499
(RM 1,497)

+ RM 2

Apple iPad 2
(32 GB WiFi)

RM 1,799

US$ 599
(RM 1,797)

+ RM 2

Apple iPad 2
(64 GB WiFi)

RM 2,099

US$ 699
(RM 2,097)

+ RM 2

Apple iPad 2
(16 GB WiFi + 3 G)

RM 1,899

US$ 629
(RM 1,887)

+ RM 3

Apple iPad 2
(32 GB WiFi + 3 G)

RM 2,199

US$ 729
(RM 2,187)

+ RM 12

Apple iPad 2
(64 GB WiFi + 3 G)

RM 2,499

US$ 829
(RM 2,487)

+ RM 12

Apple iPad Smart Cover

RM 159

US$ 39
(RM 117)

+ RM 42

Apple iPad Smart Cover

RM 299

US$ 69
(RM 207)

+ RM 92

With the exception of the 32 GB and 64 GB WiFi + 3G models, Apple has priced the iPad 2 at precisely the same level as the United States. That means there is absolutely no financial incentive to order your iPad 2 from the United States or even from Singapore for the matter. Even the 32 GB and 64 GB WiFi + 3G models have just a slight difference in price.

However, the iPad Smart Cover seems to be significantly more expensive over here, with a price mark-up of 36% for the polyurethane version and 44% for the leather version. Insane!

Note : These prices are inclusive of the 10% tax on "telecommunication devices" or devices with "telecommunication capabilities", so if you want a lower price, try buying it from electronic stores in international airports.


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