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 23 November 2006
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The Tech ARP CPU Cooler Round-Up
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Thermalright HR-01

The Mounting Mechanism

The LGA775 mounting clips on this heatsink are exactly the same as those of the Intel stock coolers.

If you have experience installing a stock cooler, then this heatsink should not be a problem for you.

You can orient the HR-01 in any way you like for LGA775 platform. Well, except for a 45 degree mount, of course!

Please note that due to the orientation of the heatpipes, there is only one way of getting the LGA775 mounting clip out from each side of the heatsink.


The S-Clip

The S-Clip replaces the original HR-01 mounting clip (provided with earlier versions of HR-01),which only allowed the heatsink to be mounted in one orientation on the K8 platform.

Thanks to the S-Clip, it is now possible to mount the heatsink in two different orientations (since the HR-01 is symmetrical).

This is useful for those who want to mount a fan onto the HR-01. But since the HR-01 can be used as a passive heatsink, then include the S-Clip? Let's find out...


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