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 23 June 2006
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Thermalright SI-120 CPU Cooler Review
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The Heatsink

Being made mostly out of aluminium, the Thermalright SI-120 weighs in at only 400 g. That's pretty light for such a large heatsink. A standard 120x120x25 mm fan weighs about 200 g, so even with a fan attached, it's much lighter than monster coolers like the Thermaltake Big Typhoon which weighs in at 800 g!

As you can see, the SI-120's fin section is elevated about 5cm above the base. This gives it enough height to clear any surface-mounted components around the processor socket. It also makes the clips somewhat more accessible during the installation process.



If you're familiar with the XP-120, then you will immediately notice that the fin section of the SI-120 is attached to the base by the five heatpipes.

In the XP-120, a good portion of the fins start right from the base itself. The SI-120 pretty much looks like a hybrid of the SI-97 and the XP-120.

Opposite the five heatpipes are two thin metal support struts which provide support for the other side of the fin section.




Here are the specifications of the Thermalright SI-120 heatsink.


• SI-120

Heatsink Dimensions

• 135 mm long
• 125 mm wide
• 90 mm high

Heatsink Weight

• 400 g

Base Material

• Pure Copper

Fin Material

• Aluminium

Compatibility • AMD
  - Athlon64 FX 3200+ (socket 939/940)
  - Athlon64 3200+ (socket 754) and above

• Intel
  - Pentium-4 socket 478 3.2 GHz and above
  - Pentium-4 LGA775 2.8GHz and above


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